Celebrity Roundup: Announcements Galore!

Y’all have probably realized by now that I’ve been ignoring my blog all week. It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s just….there is a baby to play with, and naps to be taken, and cheeseball to eat. You know, the regular Christmas things. So we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blogworthy action next week, but this week? I have a little Christmas treat. My friend Katie Eure from Your Girls and Boys is stepping in for a Celebrity Roundup chock full of announcements….tis the season! Follow her on Twitter and tune in to all her adventures with her fab daughters and adorable son (who Luke would love playing with, BTW.)

Do you think celebrities announce all kinds of things during weeks like this one because they think no one’s paying attention? Or because it’s a slow news week and they might get attention?There were all kinds of celebrity announcements this week. But before I get to them, let’s focus on the story that had everyone worried this week.

Is fat Kevin Federline really the father of Britney’s first kid? Or was it his brother? After a report earlier in the week that Kevin Federline’s brother Christopher was suing Britney and revealed that he’s really the father of her first child that honestly, we all could believe, it was finally revealed that it was a hoax. The funniest quote of the whole story to me? From Kevin Federline’s aunt: “We pity the hoaxter for believing they could get by such a crazy story and for also believing, they could damage the reputation of America’s pop princess.” Britney’s damaged her own reputation enough that we could in fact believe this story. And while it’s not true, it sounds like she may be fired from X-Factor because she’s such a train wreck.


Other Announcements This Week (some more surprising than others):

-Jessica Simpson announced what we already knew (and my husband predicted about one week after she had her baby) – she’s pregnant again!. And Weight Watchers is still workingwith her.

-Kate Winslet got married to a guy named Ned Rocknroll. A billionaire. And Leo walked her down the aisle. Do you think she should change her last name?

-Did Miley and Baby Thor (as Liam Hemsworth is known in my house) get married? They’re showing off some rings in Twitter pictures. I don’t think so though. Also? Her hair just keeps getting worse. He should ditch her.

-Are Rihanna and Chris Brown still the worst people? Now outin public looking like an official couple. And, um, pretty likely to be doing more than that in private. Seriously. The. Worst.

-Jennifer Lopez still isn’t engaged to that gross guy she’sbeen dating.

-Janet Jackson is engaged to some billionaire. Two billionaire engagements in one week seems like a lot, doesn’t it? And three former alleged husbands seems like a lot for Janet Jackson.

-Bethenny Frankel & her man separated if anyone cares. I don’t do reality TV, so I know I don’t care, but I want to be sure I include everyone here. (Except those who must not be named on Amanda’s blog. You know who they are.)

-Shakira had her baby. I’ll admit that I forgot she was pregnant.

-Demi Moore is for some reason shocked that Ashton Kutcher is filing for divorce. I kind of thought he’d already done that.

-Ben Affleck’s not running for Senate…yet. (The yet is my own addition. And I would vote for him.)

-William and Kate did not join the royal Christmas celebration, which is apparently a big deal. Makes sense to me though. And I still love them.

-And last but not least (for Boy Meets World fans – you know you loved it and are so excited for Girl Meets World), Rider Strong, also knownas Shawn, is engaged.


Happy holidays everyone!

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