The Great Halle Conspiracy: Gabriel Aubry was set up

Tired of eating turkey? How about sinking your teeth into a deliciously juicy celebrity conspiracy theory? It’s been awhile since uncovered Beyonce’s surrogacy and Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes’ sham marriage. Here’s a new one involving Halle Berry and a huge Thanksgiving day fight between her fiance Olivier Martinez and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry. I’m going to tell you how Gabriel Aubry was set up.

First, here’s what went down.

The story law enforcement sources gave media outlets after the melee on Thanksgiving was that Gabriel Aubry showed up at Halle Berry’s home around 10 a.m. with their daughter, Nahla, for a hand-off. Apparently, this is quite normal and happens often. Witnesses said Olivier walked down the “motor court” and said to Gabriel Aubry, “We have to move on.” At this point, witnesses (from Halle’s camp) said Gabriel threw a punch, but Olivier blocked it, punched Gabriel in the face, scuffled for awhile with him, then Olivier pinned Gabriel to the ground. Olivier made a citizens arrest for battery (according to a TMZ report). Police were called and Gabriel Aubry was taken to the emergency room at an LA hospital where he was treated for a broken rib, contusions to the face, and possible head injury. After he was treated, he was booked for misdemeanor battery and his bail set at $20,000.

These are reports culled from witness in Halle Berry’s staff and law enforcement reports taken from Olivier after the fight.

I read it at first and thought, wow, that guy has gone done lost it, poor thing, he must have just flipped his lid. Then I read through a few comments from the readers on some of the coverage who adamantly claim that Gabriel Aubry was set up and it started to make more sense to me.

Through various news and established personality traits of the people involved, I think Gabriel Aubry was set up; baited to either start a fight or participate in a fight in order for Halle Berry to remove their daughter from her father’s life.

Gabriel Aubry was set up: The Facts

  • Gabriel Aubry’s version of the argument  in his declaration to the court is a full 180 from the version Halle and Olivier’s camp reported. Gabriel said that the night before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving eve, if you will)  Olivier approached him at Nahla’s school play and whispered in his ear in French: ”I wish I could beat the s**t out of you right now. You’re lucky we’re in a school right now.”  Read more about Gabriel’s version of the altercation on USA Today or TMZ (choose your poison.)
  • Gabriel also said it was unusual for Olivier to meet Gabriel for the handoff; usually, a nanny acts as a go-between. Gabriel said Olivier said “We need to talk,” and when Gabriel walked to his car to leave, Olivier knocked him down and started beating him, slamming Gabriel’s head on the concrete ground. The model also said Olivier threatened to kill him if he didn’t move to France with the family and also if Gabriel didn’t admit he was the one who started the fight.
  • Halle Berry filed for a temporary restraining order on November 25 against Gabriel Aubry, asking that he stays more than 100 yards away from the three of them. The Temporary order expires Tuesday, November 27.
  • Gabriel Aubry obtained a restraining order against Olivier Martinez on November 26 that will extend until December 17.
  • Gabriel Aubry went to court November 27 to ask the judge to lift the temporary restraining order filed by Halle Berry so he can see his daughter.
  • On November 9, a judge ruled that Halle Berry could not permanently move to France with Nahla, siding with Gabriel Aubry, who shares custody of the 4-year-old. Halle Berry claimed that paparazzi made life dangerous for she and her daughter, but the judge wanted Gabriel Aubry, who works in LA as an actor and model, to continue to be a part of his daughter’s life. Read more about the ruling here.
  • (Gabriel claimed that Olivier was angry that he had cost Halle $3 million in court costs during the battle to move Nahla to France.)
  • In March, the Los Angeles County Department of Family and Children Services investigated a child endangerment case against Gabriel Aubry. The family’s nanny claimed he pushed her while she was holding Nahla. The DFCS dropped the case citing lack of evidence that Nahla was in any kind of danger.
  • Olivier Martinez, who was way, WAY hotter when he was in Unfaithful, boasted about his previous experience as a boxer in Paris.  ”[Boxing is] savage, but with rules, and a high sense of morality…I’ve always liked boxing because it’s hard, it’s violent, but it’s honest.” Read the entire article here in Ocean Drive Magazine.
  • In June, a police report was filed against Olivier Martinez by a photographer, who claimed the actor backed into his car and threatened to hurt him.
Here is the injury comparison:
Gabriel Aubry Olivier Martinez side by side comparison of injuries

Gabriel Aubry was set up: My theory

So, I know I”m all over the place here, but news is coming out very quickly about this situation. I believe that this was a plan all along to bait Gabriel Aubry into a situation that would result in a fight, further perpetuating the idea that he’s a bad father and unstable. In an exclusive interview with, A Los Angeles attorney speculated that this ordeal will be advantageous to Halle Berry in her quest to move with Nahla to France as it will play into her attorney’s strategy of painting Gabriel Aubry as having a vicious temper. It could be that Gabriel Aubry was set up to throw a punch or shove him and that’s that (after all, battery is really just someone touching someone else without their consent), but from his previous run-ins with papparazzi and  his admission that he was a boxer and enjoyed the violent aspect of the sport, I believe he might have gotten out of hand.
Gabriel Aubry should have been riding high after the success to block Halle Berry from moving with Nahla; why would he jeopardize this by starting a fight? If it was normal for him to drop Nahla off at Halle’s home, theoretically it had been done hundreds of times since Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry first got together. Why would this time be any different? Why wasn’t the nanny there for the drop off? Why did Gabriel Aubry have the brunt of the injuries? Where is the security footage? There are too many questions and not enough answers for me to believe that Gabriel Aubry acted out and caused the debacle.
So that’s my latest conspiracy theory. What are your thoughts?
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7 comments to The Great Halle Conspiracy: Gabriel Aubry was set up

  • I agree with you. This entire thing seems really fishy to me.

  • HOLY MOLY! I was reading this a little bit on and I agree with you! It’s insane the things people will do to get their way!

  • When I first read this story, I had the exact same thoughts! This reeks of set-up. Hopefully, the judge in the case will think so too. What is it with Halle and her choice of men?

  • [...] sure you’ve all been following the “Great Halle Conspiracy”, right?  If not, It’s Blogworthy has all the evidence and discovery lined up for you over there. My favorite part is that Halle’s fiance tried to citizen arrest someone. Looks like [...]

  • It is obvious that Halle Berry is engaged to her enraged drag dealer, even if she fixed things by now.

    I am a Euro Black woman and I would like to

    - Advise Gabrielle Aubry to find himself a sweet woman, and stay away from that crazy Berry-Martinez couple, which actually doesn’t deserve to be around children

    - Tell younger Black women that Halle Berry’s set up (Cause it is one with or without this blog) is the worst way to act with an ex you dislike, especially if he is the father of your child. By the way, Martinez almost killed Gabriel Aubry, and the child might sense bad energy for life even if it did not witness the incident. Even worse, Oliver Martinez asked Aubry to drop off the child on the street, like a bag of dirt or a h… Even any woman who lives to obey her man will find this inappropriate and forget it was thanksgiving day!
    - Ask for believers to pray that Halle Berry realizes that she is TRULY in danger. As a matter of fact, Oliver Martinez is so feared in France that French magazine are not talking about this scandal as it went. “Public” tells a version in which Aubry has entered Berry’s house by force to attack her, and Martinez defended her during the beating: SCANDALOUS lie due to impending terror? If this does not open the heart of another Black Hollywood star to warn Berry or get her off the drug she has been taking lately; then I don’t know;

    By the way, there is a woman in Paris who predicted something alike right before Houston’s death. If God worried more about Nahlia’s safety, it means that his father might be an underwear model, but with connections in Heaven, truly.

    This Lady is an Angel. She is worth following on Twitter

    This is not a conspiracy; want it is how REMORSELESS powerful celebs are going to behave the next 4 years. They will pay what they break, and if not they got connections…
    michellemontage recently posted..Lung Cancer on Rise in Non-Smokers

  • This whole thing was like a Thanksgiving miracle!!!! I couldn’t believe this as the story was unfolding. I feel really bad for them but at the same time I kinda don’t because he gets a HUGE amount of child support for basically doing nothing. I mean I’m sure it doesn’t take 20 grand to feed and cloth that kid a MONTH!
    Crazy Shenanigans recently posted..Where It All Began

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