elf High Definition Powder and elf Lipstick Reviews

Last week I got an Eyes Lips Face haul. I never love getting the mail as much as I do when I know I’m getting a haul.


I posted about it on Instagram, but a few people have asked about the products I bought, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on a few different elf products.

elf High Definition Powder Review

elf high definition powder review

The elf High Definition Powder was one of those elf purchases that I made on a whim because I needed to fill up my basket to get a free shipping code. The elf High Definition powder is from the Studio Line, which costs a teeny bit extra than their basic elf brand. I’d read a few reviews from beauty bloggers who loved the elf High Definition powder  so I thought I’d give it a shot (especially since more expensive brands, like Makeup Forever, cost upwards of $35 for just a bit more powder per container.)

I ordered the translucent color. The powder has a very soft, silky feel to it and made my skin feel great. I used the elf total face brush to apply the elf High Definition powder, but the elf kabuki brush would work well too. I thought it would leave a white hue to my skin because the powder is straight up white, like baby powder, but it blended in with my foundation flawlessly.

Now, for the “bad” news: I didn’t see much change at all in my skin. I have had problem skin since my teenage years — big pores and acne prone skin — and I like makeup powders and foundations that can give the illusion of perfect skin. I use Rimmel Perfect Match foundation and I LOVE IT , and honestly it does a lot of the perfecting for me, so the elf high definition powder was a little bit of a let down. Maybe it was a user error, perhaps. The elf high definition powder didn’t make my skin look worse, it just didn’t make it look much better (although the consistency did make my skin softer and feel less oily.)

Price for the elf High Definition powder is $6 and it’s available at many Targets and online etailers. If you’re a fan of high definition powders, it’s worth a purchase to see if it compares to some of the more expensive brands, or if you have oily or problem skin, give it a go and see if it can improve the texture and look of your skin.


elf Lipstick Essential Review


The biggest surprise in my elf haul was the elf Essential Lipstick. I have used NYC Color lipstick for years. It’s 96 cents at the Walmart (yes THE WALMART) and I’ve used the same mocha color for ages. In my quest for a good, cheap nude lipstick, I decided to try the elf Essential Lipstick in nostalgic. You guys? This lipstick stays. And stays. And stays. FOR DAYS. I ordered a couple more shades, including Fantasy (a light pinkish brown) and Fearless (a BRIGHT pinkish red.) The only downside to the elf Essential Lipstick is that it tends to dry my lips out, but it’s nothing a good lip gloss or lip balm can’t take care of.

Price for the elf Essential Lipstick is $1 a tube…yes, you read that correctly, $1. That’s why I love elf products. Lipstick is rough for me because I hate buying a shade that looks great in the tube at the store, then bringing it home and it looks terrible on me. Elf Essential Lipsticks let me try on some different colors without any cost risks.

 elf Nail Polish Review

20121119-101208.jpg Of all the products I buy, I get the most questions about the elf nail polish. I know you nail polish addicts out there are probably wondering how this compares to some of the more expensive brands (which I also love thanks to my introduction into the world of high-end polishes.) In my opinion, the elf nail polishes are almost as good. I mean, let’s be honest here, there are times when you probably buy the really expensive polishes and are extremely disappointed with them — formula is off, brush is kind of funky, etc. I’ve tried many shades of elf nail polish (the one in the photo is Fire Coral) and I’ve always had success with them. The brush is wide (which I like), the formula is not too thick, so it flows really easily and the colors are always bright. I normally don’t need more than two coats — sometimes, I only need one. The polish lasts without chipping. I used a cheaper polish the other day and within 24 hours I already had several chips, but this particular manicure lasted almost a full week with only minor chips.

Again, I’m going to focus on the price. Elf nail polish used to cost the standard $1, but recently they changed the formula (it really is improved, they aren’t lyin’) and it costs $2 now. Still — $6 cheaper than a bottle of Essie. Elf nail polish comes in more than 40 shades, including cremes, metallic and foils and glitter polishes. Elf nail polishes give you the chance to try out lots of really great, trendy colors for a tiny price tag.

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