DIY personalized charm necklace

Haul out the holly! Put up the tree before my spirit goes again…

Alright, I’m fully aware that it’s barely November and we have one entire holiday to celebrate before we get around to hauling holly (although, according to Instagram, many of you are ready right now.) But today I’m sharing what I hope will be the first of a few DIY personalized Christmas gifts for your Christmas gift-giving needs.

First up today: DIY personalized charm necklace

This one turned out really lovely and it was so simple, just about anyone can do it. The best part? It costs next to nothing to make.

You’ll need:

  • Washer; You can find them for pennies in home improvement stores
  • Head and eye pins; I found mine at Walmart for about $1.50 for a pack of many
  • Puffy paint (I used black)
  • needle nosed pliars for jewelry
  • Spray paint
  • E-600 glue (It wasn’t with the glue at Walmart, but in the craft section)


Step 1 DIY Personalized Charm Necklace: Use your puffy paint to write what you want on the washer. My DIY personalized charm necklace  says “Faith Hope [love]” (except the “love” is a heart). It takes some steady hands and a little skill. I had to wipe the tip so there wasn’t any excess and squeezed very..VERY carefully. You could use any phrase, a child’s name, a last name, initials, or even just a cool design.

Step 2 DIY personalized charm necklace: Let the puffy paint dry for 30 minutes to an hour, then use your spray paint to cover the words. I used a brushed silver to match the color of the washer, but essentially you could use any metallic color.

Step 3 DIY personalized charm necklace: While the washer is drying, take your eye pin and clamp the needle nosed pliers on the opposite end of the eye. Wrap the wire around the head of the pliers like so, forming a circle:


Step 4 DIY personalized charm necklace: Using a small dab of E-600 (a little goes a LONG way) glue the eye part of your wire circle to the back of the washer. Make sure it’s aligned with the top of your phrase or design so it will hang the right way when you (or the recipient of your gift!) wears it:


Step 5 DIY personalized charm necklace: Let your washer dry at least 24 hours. Use a simple chain (like this silver plated chain) and thread it through the hook.

That’s it! DIY personalized charm necklace is simple, elegant and easy. I’ll be making these for people I love at Christmas time.

faith hope and love diy personalized charm necklace

Want to try this tutorial? Here are all the products I used and links on Amazon. If you buy the products here, you’ll be able to make a ton of DIY personalized charm necklaces!

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