Sorry, I’m watching Pawn Stars

Good morning! Thanks for joining me this morning; boy, do u have a treat for you! I’ll be reviewing some of the Fall’s hottest new shows, including Elementary, Animal Practice, Nashville and Revolution. I’m going to tell you everything about the cast, plot and my prediction for success for each.

Haha just kidding. I haven’t watched any of those shoes. Actually I watched Elementary once. It wasn’t bad. Lucy Lui is in it. But full disclosure: I’m not even sure if any of these fall television premieres are still on. I mean, according to our DVR, they are (if you don’t want to accept a show has been cancelled, just record a few epis on your DVR and never watch them.) nope, I know nothing about fall television today.

I’ve been watching Pawn Stars.

she’s been watching WHAT? I thought this was a family friendly blog.

Get your panties out of a wad — I’m talking about Pawn Stars, the break-out hit on the History Channel (I know, right?) about three generations of pawn brokers who run a pawn shop in Las Vegas and buy lots of things, but mainly items with historical significance.



Yup, you are seeing that correctly. That’s 22 new episodes of Pawn Stars currently recorded. History airs it approximately 19 hours a day (that’s 38 episodes if you’re playing along at home. Typically aired back-to-back-to-back.) we watch one every night. One or two or five.

I can’t explain to you people why we love that show so much. If you watch one, you have to watch 20. There is no in between. Hub and I love watching the guys make deals with their customers, the guys argue with each other and of course the experts who make appearances each episode to help appraise the items.

We’ve even given the experts nicknames:


This guy appraises the antique guns. we call him Crazy Eyes because he looks like he might become a antique gun serial killer at any second.

Amish guy. He runs the Clark County HIstorical Museum. And looks amish.


This guy used to be the antique arms appraiser. We call him Gun Guy.


This fellow is a signature expert. He carries around a black attache case with a huge Sherlock Holmes style magnifying glass inside. WE call him Magnifying Glass.


Toy expert. We call him Man Child.


This guy appraises cars. We all him the Count because that’s his nickname. He also has his own show. Cha ching!


Do you watch Pawn Stars? Anything keeping you away from the Fall lineup?



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