Fall Wishful Thinking Fashion

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October in Florida is brutal. I don’t know why it seems so much hotter now than it did in July. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing lots of cute hats and scarves and boots while (meanwhile) I’m sweating through my tank top and flip flops STILL.

October also brings some very awkward weather. We’re talking 75 degrees at 6:30 a.m. and 70 at noon and a huge rainstorm at 5 and then 90 degrees at sunset. That’s a true story — Florida girls, holla if you hear me *virtual albeit sweaty high-five*

The other day I was messaging with Liz and it started pouring. As I slopped my way to the car with squeaky sandals and a soaked skirt, Liz said “holy moly girl that’s some awful hail!” Hail yeah! Except it was rain that was falling with the speed and intensity of hail. Ponder that, if you will.

So anyway. FAll. Fall fashion. I do love some adorable orange sweaters and brown boots and I would do almost anything right now to wear one of the lovely scarves-from-tshirt projects I’ve found on Pinterest, but it’s just not time for it yet. I have to give Florida a couple more months. But when it gets here — oh boy — well it’s still relatively warm out, so the keyword for Florida fall fashion is layering.

Now, usually I’m a cardigan kind of girl, but last fall/winter I experimented with tights for those too-cool-for-skirts but too-hot-for-pants days and loved it. Leggings? In theory, they’d be right up my alley. In reality — I’m 5’2″ and up until a few months ago was carrying 30+ lbs of baby weight so….But I know if I could get the confidence to rock a pair of leggings, I’d love to integrate leggings into my fall wardrobe.

I was able to try some No nonsense tights and leggings to try and was asked to put together a couple outfits using them. Remember Florida = cool-ish, not cold, so I needed something I could wear and not be too hot or too cold.

I’m sporting the camel colored cordoroy leggings from No nonsese, a light sweater and brown accesories and boots. The leggings were very soft but kind of an odd texture — I wasn’t sure if I liked the cordoroy look until I put it together with my outfit. It turns out, I didn’t look half bad, except for the big butt.


















Second outfit was my little black dress, purple top, gold necklace and black boots. Can you tell I’m excited to wear my boots? I love the tights because I can take these items that I’ve worn in the summer and bring them into fall and winter. The tights were awesome..great quality, thick and a really nice color.






















These tights are a great way to bring some of your late summer and fall clothes into the cooler months of the year in an affordable way — these No nonsense tights and leggings are available in food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores. This year, Jill Martin, New York coorespondent for Access Hollywood and author of the NYT bestseller “I Have Nothing to Wear!”, is the ambassador for No nonsense, and will be active on the No nonsense Twitter and No nonsense on Facebook helping women make the most of their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your fall fashion choices?


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