Natural eyeshadow tutorial with ELF products

The other day my husband wanted to buy a fake fireplace/ media center..

Don’t ask.

Anyway, he found one he liked at Big Lots. Now, before you go turning your nose up at Big Lots — have you seen their furniture lately? It’s not bad and it’s cheap. Plus, Luke loved running around the store and climbing into recliners (to the dismay of all the Big Lots employees.)

As I’m moseying over to the fake fireplace/media center section of the store, I stumbled upon a whole bunch of Eyes Lips Face gift sets for the holidays. I put aside the “IT’S TOO SOON BIG LOTS” thoughts and took a looksee. I ended up buying the 35 piece eyeshadow kit with natural eyeshadow colors and a five set of nail polish (more on that later).

I’ve talked before about Eyes Lips Face and how much I love their products. I think above all, they know how to do eyes. I’m not exaggerating when I say every single eyeshadow I own is from Eyes Lips Face — I probably had 30 different colors before I bought 35 more in the eyeshadow kit. Plus, I love their primers. I just bought an Eyes Lips Face eyelid primer in a new color (called Champagne) and it’s fantastic — just enough shimmer to make my eyes pop. It’s also available on (click for the direct link.)



Here are the colors that came in the pack, and I circled the ones I used.

Look how pretty and fall-ish!! Great for a natural eyeshadow look.

I loved the way the natural eyeshadow look turned out, so I did a little tutorial for it. The colors I circled above coordinate with the tutorial numbers from L-R: 4, 1, 3, 2. (Sorry, should have numbered them in the picture.)


The instructions can let you choose similar natural eyeshadow colors based on the shades in your eyeshadow sets you own or ones you want to buy online through Eyes Lips Face. Right now Eyes Lips Face is having a free shipping with any order over $25, which gives you a LOT of makeup. Here are the brushes I use for my natural eyeshadow tutorial and the numbers on the tutorial with which they correspond. These are all available through…get FREE shipping and 5% off your order when you use your Red Card.

 (I use this one for #1 and #4)

(I use this one for #3)

Or here is a whole set for $10!

And if you’re looking for an eyeshadow starter kit for that natural eyeshadow look or brown smokey eye (I wear it every day in some form or another), check out this Eyes Lips Face natural eye shadow kit on

I hope this was a helpful tutorial! Eyeshadow is a great way to dress up your look. Don’t reserve it for special occasions — eyeshadow is for any time!

This post was in no way sponsored by ELF or Target. I just love the brands and want to share the products I use and love. Affiliate links are included in this post; if you found it useful, please click and share!

Do you wear eyeshadow often?

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