Charlie Brown Halloween Costume for your Toddler

Last year, my baby dressed up like a zebra for Halloween. It was his first Halloween and we got the costume at a consignment sale. Although it’s Florida and still a billion degrees in October (and the outfit was fleece), we tugged it over his chubby little legs and collected candy that only we could eat. Later, I thought to myself, “we really missed our chance at dressing him up as Charlie Brown for Halloween, with his lack of hair and all.”

Little did I know, he’d still be bald for his second Halloween. I decided to take full advantage and dress my little man up as Charlie Brown for Halloween.

Now, any normal person would just go buy a Charlie Brown Halloween costume for their toddler at Target or something. Like this one:

But my frugality is well established on this blog, so of course, I’d save my $26 bucks and make a DIY charlie brown Halloween costume. Easy, right? Yellow polo shirt, cut out some zig zags from felt, call it a day.

Except I couldn’t find a yellow polo shirt. I looked far and wide: Walmart, Kohls, Target. Even eBay. But if I was going to spend $10 on a yellow polo shirt, why not just throw a few more bucks in the pile and buy the entire costume.

Hub came to the rescue. On a trip to Goodwill, he found bright yellow youth T-shirt and a black youth t-shirt. Total cost: $2.

I got to work. First, I made a pattern out of one of Luke’s 24 month polo shirts.

Charlie Brown Pattern PDF for 24 months  (Right click to download. I have two pieces of 8.5 x 11 paper taped together for each side.)

I cut out the Charlie Brown halloween costume pattern and laid it on the shirt.

I also cut off the sleeves from the shirt to use for the sleeves of his Charlie Brown Halloween costume. I wanted to keep the sleeve seams because when I try to hem sleeves on knit they always turn out all kinds of funky.

I didn’t take pictures of the rest, but here are the step-by-step instructions for the Charlie Brown Halloween costume DIY:

  • Cut the front and back of the shirt from the pattern.
  • With right sides together, sew the shoulders together and the sides together to make a tank top looking piece.
  • Take the pre-made sleeves and lay the sleeve pattern over it, placing the pattern piece on the edge of the sleeve to keep the original hem.
  • Sew the newly cut sleeve together with the sleeve inside out. The seam will be under the arm.
  • Turn the sleeve back the right side. Stick the sleeve into the arm hole. I didn’t take a picture because this step always vexes my brain, but here is a drawing:
  • Align the bottom of the sleeve (seam side) with the side seam of the shirt.
  • Pin the sleeve and sew. When you have sewn it, you should be able to pull the sleeve through the hole and it will be inside out. All you should see on the shirt at this point are seams. Seams, seams, seams.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Turn the shirt right-side-out and attach the collar. The pattern above actually was a bit small. The collar should meet in the front center of the shirt. Pin the collar on the inside of the neck of the shirt. You won’t need to finish the neck because the collar takes care of that. The collar should looked “flipped up” as you’re sewing, then lay flat folded over the shirt.
  • Cut a zig-zag chevron pattern from the black shirt. I placed my completed shirt over the black shirt and measured with chalk on the black shirt how tall I wanted the chevron patter to be. I drew it by hand because, after all, he’s a hand-drawn character, right?
  • Pin the black chevron pattern to the front of the yellow Charlie Brown Halloween costume and sew with a topstich.
  • I hand sewed some black buttons on to finish the Charlie Brown Halloween costume.
  • Put it on your bald toddler and die from the cuteness.




Isn’t he the cutest toddler to ever don a Charlie Brown Halloween costume?

That’s my refashion of the week, folks! If you’re looking for a quick and easy Halloween idea for your bald child, consider this Charlie Brown Halloween costume DIY!!

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