Celebrity Roundup: 1998 Called

I’m hanging out at home with my baby today because he’s feeling mildly sick. Now, normally, I’d probably fuss about this because I’m missing a day of work, but I’m considering this a dual mental health day/day off, even though we got up at 7 in the morning and watching a child isn’t really like a “day off” as you stay at home moms know. Besides, we have to get this kid feeling 100% again — in just over a week, we’ll be celebrating Halloween with my sister at Disney! I’m refashioning a Charlie Brown costume for my (still bald) baby toddler…post to come.

Anyway. Things I’ve learned today: 1) blanket forts are awesome. 2) Cinderella is the original refashioner. 3) Somehow I got into a time machine and it’s 1998.

Oh yeah, that has to be the explanation for the majority of the TMZ tweets sent to my phone the past few days being about Britney Spears. Britney Spears is in the news not for anything happening on The X-Factor, but because her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears, are being sued by Britney Spears former manager, Sam Lufti, for libel and defamation.

Lynne came under fire from Sam Lufti, after Lynne made what Sam claims are “libelous statements” in her book, “Through the Storm: A real story of fame and fortune in the tabloid world”. The suit, filed in 2009, began this week with a few titillating bits of gossip, including the following bombshells:

Ahh, nothing like a trip down memory lane…this memory lane intersects with Crazy Way. Bring your umbrella as a weapon, you might need it.
We can’t forget the other upcoming 1998 throw back event: the nuptials of one miss Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. The couple are set to tie the knot in Italy this weekend, joining other famous folks opting for Italian villas rather  than the ol’ country church down the road. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake partied on an Italian beach with guests like Andy Samberg, former manager Johnny Wright, and Jessica Biel’s 7th Heaven (remember that show?) co-star, Beverly Mitchell. Also reportedly on the guest list? *NSYNC bandmate Chris Kirkpatrick.
Holy time warp to 1998, Batman.
Did Justin Timberlake diss his other *NSYNC bandmates? The crew of mostly grown men discuss the *NSYNC friendship in depth in his hilarious TMZ live clip:

What else is going on in Hollyweird?

Enjoy your weekend, and be safe traveling back to 2012!



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