Vintage minnie nail polish

i never leave the house without my toes painted. NEVER. I mean, chipped and ready for a new coat, yes, but NEVER naked.

My finger nails were a different story. I rarely painted them because they chip so fast, and who has the time, and what am I, some sort of princess who can’t get her hands dirty?

My friend Lindsey is a nail polish addict and I was always quite envious of how cute her nails looked and how a nice manicure just completed her look. We were chit chatting one day about new polishes she liked and she sent me a link to OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse polish. Pinks, reds and sparkles were the base of this collection — and hello, have you seen my blog lately? Pink within an inch of its life — so I couldn’t stop talking about how pretty it was.

Then, I got this for my birthday from Lindsey:


(The UK stickers were for my hub.)

I started out painting just my toes, then one evening, while hub was pitching a fit about some football game, I sat in the bathroom and treated myself to an at-home manicure (tips I got from this pin with 7 tips for a perfect at-home manicure.)

This also helped:

Here is the first OPI Vintage Minnie color, If you Moust you Moust — a bright pink that matches at least 5 things in my closest right now.


The second OPI Vintage Minnie color I tried, I’m All Ears. Sparkly magenta pink and this stayed on for almost 6 days without chipping.


Three of three, in the OPI Vintage Minnie Minis collection: The Color of Minnie. This one is a classic bright red.


I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I did realize painting my nails with this OPI Vintage Minnie polish made me feel….good. Girly. It gave me 15 minutes where I was just me — not someone’s Mom or wife — just a girl pampering herself a bit.

So I induldged in more polish…..

She’s created a monster.

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