Closet Shopping


Hey you.

Yes, you. the one who has a ridiculously stuffed closet and an empty wallet?

Wouldn’t you love to turn that around? Like, make your wallet stuffed and your closet empty? So you can fill it up with more amazing things?

I love eBay, but dont’ know where to start to sell my things — plus, it’s super crowded with too many other people wanting to monetize their old stuff.  Craigslist is cool, but I’m a bit wary of any platform that has been a major plot-point in a Lifetime movie.

I’ve discovered a great new service called Ubokia, which is what I’d like to call the illicit love child of eBay and Craigslist. Illicit because — well, you know, Craigslist has sort of a bad reputation. I was so excited to find it because not only can I sell my own things, like necklaces and purses (currently listed in my marketplace), but I can reach likeminded users who are searching for exactly what I’m selling. Cool huh?

You’ve probably noticed me talking about my online thrift store that just opened – Go on, here it is, check her out. It’s powered by Ubokia, and lets us all (you, me and all the other Its Blogworthy fans who want to get some cash for their old clothes) have a safe place to find buyers, sell our stuff and complete transactions safely — with uTrust, a process that vets buyers, you can be assured you’re dealing with a real person, not a scammer.

I love that I can get emails for the things that I’m selling that link me directly to people who WANT the stuff. I  mean, how can it be easier? Let’s say you NEED a pair of brown slacks. I have a pair of brown slacks! We can make a deal in my Virtual Thrift Store and never leave our houses….Ok, I will have to leave it to ship and you’ll have to get it from your mailbox.

Here’s how to join:

Find my Virtual Thrift Store at the top of my blog:

Join through my Virtual Thrift Store by clicking the JOIN button or connecting with Facebook:

Post items you’d like to sell or post your wants, and Ubokia takes care of the rest!

 Payments are made through PayPal or credit card and are safe and easy. I purchased a box of old clothes for refashioning and had a great experience.

I’d love for you guys to share with each other — what’s great for one person might be what someone else wants to throw away. To get you started thikning about your closet, and what you’d like to replace it, name one thing you want and one thing you’d toss RIGHT NOW…and leave it in the comments!

I was compensated for this post. All opinions (and Virtual Thrift Store) are mine!

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