Celebrity Roundup: Everything but the kitchen sink

Happy Friday! You made it! Do a happy dance!


Well, did you do a happy dance?

I sure did because this week has absolutely FLOWN by, which means next week will be super slow and will make me want to cut someone, per usual.

One wonders why this week seemed so much faster than other weeks. Was it because I had meetings every single day? Or because I’ve been up three mornings this week on the treadmill, so the extra pep in my step makes the day pass more quickly? Or possibly because there wasn’t much in the celebrity world to keep me hung up for hours reading all the ins and outs on TMZ.

Probably that last one.

So today, I present to you everything but the kitchen sink in terms of celebrity news. There weren’t any big stories — ok, there was one big story that TMZ won’t shut up about but it’s too grisly and awful and not funny, so I won’t say boo about it — but there were lots of little stories adding up to a quite random week of celebrity news and gossip. WE have babies! We have celebrity justice! We have celebrity “bumps”! We have celebrity hookups! It’s a smorgasbord  of celebrity gossip goodness, so let’s dive on in.

Whew! If you got through this, I commend you. Now go forth and enjoy your weekend!

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5 comments to Celebrity Roundup: Everything but the kitchen sink

  • For the first time in a long time, I will have to head to TMZ. Because I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I’m also impressed with Kerry Walsh. Extremely. When I was 5 weeks pregnant, I was so sick I skipped work three days in a row. Congratulations to her.
    Roxanne recently posted..RWH: Writing Goals

  • I’m now convinced more than ever that this entire Robsten scandal was a publicity stunt. I mean, Kristen Stewart is, by all accounts, fiercely protective of her privacy and managed to keep her relationship with Rob Pattinson a secret for four years, yet she somehow manages to get caught ONE time with this Rupert Holmes dude? At which point she issues an uncharacteristically dramatic public apology (in which she makes sure to state that it was a “momentary” discretion to ensure she’s not viewed as a complete cheating whore). The ensuing fallout over their “breakup” takes place as both she and Pattinson make the publicity rounds for their new movies (Cosmopolis for him, On the Road for her) amid loads of worry and speculation over how the scandal will affect the upcoming [final] Twilight installment. But then they conveniently get back together just in time to do press for BD2 and all is right with the world again.

    I mean, even that Rupert Holmes fellow and his wife win in that the entire debacle put their names on the map after moving to Hollywood from London.

    So. I’ve got it all figured out. On an unrelated note, I also question the moon landing and believe there may have been a shooter on the grassy knoll.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Friday Tapas: The Meat Loaf Edition

  • Okay… so Demi & Ashton weren’t married legally after all? WOW. I’m surprised that TMZ didn’t break this news since they seem to have all the stars marriage certificates on file.
    Julie recently posted..Am I listening…

  • I wondered why they hadn’t got a divorce yet!!! So were they actually never legally married?

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