10 things on my DVR right now

Make no mistake. We love tv at my house. This hasn’t changed since bring a baby into the world. We’ve gone from a family of two who love television to a family of three who love television, and I’m totally cool with that. There isn’t much cuter than the squeal of delight when Luke sees Pooh in the screen.

Our Direct TV equipment  is fully loaded at all times with shows we may or may not watch, but feel the drive to keep. Forever. We are DVR hoarders.

Here are 10 things saved on our DVR right now.

    • Football
    • Fashion Hunters (like Pawn Stars, but with fashion)
    • Little Einsteins
    • Mysteries at the Museum
    • Football (yeah, a LOT of football, people)
    • Fiona & Fred

What’s on your DVR?

This post was sponsored by DirecTV but opinions and overly-full DVR are mine all mine!

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4 comments to 10 things on my DVR right now

  • We watch BabyFirst TV, too! Lil’ Bit calls it “Baby Show.” As in, “I wanna watch Baby Show.” She’s cycled through many a favorite “baby show” program since we first discovered it almost two years ago. For a while, she loved ShushyBye. Then it was My Gym at Home. And then Bobby’s Balloons (did you know his real name is something like Ori and he makes slutty balloon dresses for hot wannabe models?). Now she really like Tek the Tractor and WonderBox. But she’s also moving on from “baby show” to shows like Thomas, Curious George, and Angelina Ballerina. She’s evolving, if you will. (That’s sarcasm.)

    Anyhoo. We also have Piglet’s Big Adventure on our DVR, along with many of the aforementioned Thomas, Curious George, and Angelina episodes. And for the adults, there are a myriad of movies (I think I got about 8 minutes into Footloose one night), Sports Reporters, and some leftover Olympics coverage.

    Oh, and you need to get on that Once Upon a Time. That’s some good shizz.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..On Girlfriends and Play Dates

  • I don’t have a DVR. But if I did, I’d record Big Bang Theory. I’m not sure what else, because I don’t know what’s on TV anymore! But I bet my son would want to record every episode of any superhero show ever.
    Roxanne recently posted..Finding another world I belong to

  • I thought we were the only Baby First watchers in the world! If Brinky’s not watching Dora on Netflix or Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr., then he’s watching Baby First. So we’re watching Baby First. Right now, in fact. We just found the acorn. Over here. After looking everywhere.

    There’s a lot on our DVR right now because I haven’t even finished watching last year’s TV shows. Off the top of my head, I know we have all of last year’s Modern Family, a few episodes of Bunheads, the final episode of Smallville from a couple years ago just in case we need to watch it, last night’s Switched at Birth because I watched it but Jenny hasn’t yet, the Sound of Music that I recorded Sunday just in case I need to watch it repeatedly. And in a couple hours, Parenthood will be on there!

    Does it sound like I watch too much TV? I just deleted a bunch of stuff off the DVR (like the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies) to make room for new shows!
    Katie E recently posted..Monday Listicles: 10 Songs

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