When Stealing from Home Depot is art

When was the last time you walked into Home Depot and got hundreds of paint sample cards?

Never? I thought so.

But apparently some people do.

The other day I posted about how Pinterest has basically jumped the shark and posted this little doosey:

I asked y’all what you’d do with this particular project, and got some awesome responses.

“You’d obviously make a little paper Christmas village with all those little trees.” – Katie, Your Girls & Boys

“To use to build a tiny forest for your tiny LEGO pioneer people.” – Liz

“I’m sure Home Depot loves when people come in and steal their paint samples. They can be used as annoying confetti inside should say the Christmas Card. Message inside should say “You think you’re annoyed you have to clean up this confetti? Think how annoyed the Home Depot people are that came in and took all their green paint chips.”” – Ali, My Suitcase Full of Tricks

“You take the tiny christmas trees and use an even tinyier hole punch and string them together to make a beautiful christmas garland. Did I mention you will need ten million tiny trees to make this happen?” – Susie

“Tiny trees: card stuffers to make everyone hate you.” – KLZ, Taming Insanity

“I like to make it rain with teeny tiny paper punch Christmas trees.” – Jayme, Random Blogette

“Build a tiny forest and then light it on fire to teach bugs a lesson.” – Libby, Libby Logic

“You take the tiny trees and set them up in a little winter-themed diorama with all that annoying fake snow vase filler crap that’s impossible to clean up and will haunt your dreams. Then? Pretend like you’re the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Chalk it up to “creative play.” – Kristin, What She Said

“Plant them in soil.* So they can thrive and grow. Obviously. *Soil made of little brown circle cutouts you’ve created using brown paint samples and a hole puncher. ” – Meghan, Phase Three of Life

For your viewing pleasure, here are some more amazingly awful paint chip ideas courtesy of people who have way more time to waste than I do (and find more as I update my Pinterest You are Drunk board):

Source: etsy.com via Amanda on Pinterest

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