When Pinterest goes wrong

As a self-proclaimed Pinterest super user, I see my fair share of really atrocious stuff while I’m surfing my Pinterest app. I mean, let’s just collectively agree that just because you can doesn’t mean you should, am I right?

From weird no-headed-two-armed models to diabetes on a stick, I present When Pinterest Goes Wrong: A screen grab gallery of awesomely terrible Pinterest projects.


Who is responsible for this look? I blame  Bristol Palin.


It’s not salad if one of the main ingredients is Fritos. Just sayin’.


This is how you mess up a Polyvore.


For the dessert fan who thinks picking up individual cupcakes is just too much work.




Ok, so, after I go to Home Depot and get a 75 paint samples, then punch them out using a tiny paper puncher…what exactly am I supposed to do with the tree cutouts? Explain in the comments. Best answer gets a shout out.


I do believe that Julie origially pinned this? But it was so awesome I saved it on my phone to remember always. This Pinterest project wins.

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