Three Stitch Pencil Skirt Refashion

Today’s refashion:

easy three stich pencil skirt refashion tutorial

The other day, I was perusing Old Navy and saw this skirt:


old navy jersey pencil skirt

“Hub, did you see that skirt?”

“You mean the one that looks exactly like the one you made the other day out of that thrifted polo shirt?”

“Yeah, that one. And thanks for paying attention. That skirt is $22!”

So I knew what I had to refashion next. I’m here to save you $20 and fill your closet with beautiful, easy-wear pencil skirts.

An aside on pencil skirts: I love them, especially when they are made from jersey knits. They are comfortable, easy to wash, you don’t have to iron them, and they bring instant class to your outfit. You can have a whole mess of pencil skirts and wear a comfy tank top and flip flops and some cute earrings and still look pulled together. It’s even MORE comfortable than yoga pants. I know, right??? If that hasn’t sold you on this polo to pencil shirt refashion, I don’t know what will…except that this is a NO HEM skirt and only has three stitches. WHAT!?

It’s as easy as the t-shirt skirt tutorial I did, but this one you can wear out to a nice dinner. It’s just as cute as the other tshirt to pencil skirt refashion I did — that one has more structure, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Here’s what you need for the three stitch shirt to pencil skirt  refashion:

  • elastic band (1 1/4″ is what I like to use)
  • Pencil skirt you already love and wear all the time
  • Heavy-weight men’s tshirt or turtleneck – I like to thrift these, but check out my new “Online Thrift Store” to find people just like you who are cleaning out their closets and want to make a deal
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine

Here is my before shirt — a turtleneck from my brother-in-law. This cost me $0!

pencil skirt refashion pattern from an old skirt

Place the pencil skirt you already own at the bottom of the shirt near the hem. You’ll use the original hem as the hem of your skirt because who loves hemming? Not me. Cut the mens’s shirt around the sides and top of your pencil skirt, leaving room for the seam (about 1/4″).

With right sides facing, sew up the two sides of your cut men’s shirt.

easy three stich pencil skirt refashion casing

Pin and sew a casing.

Use a safety pin to thread your elastic through the casing. Sew the elastic tightly, then sew up the casing.

Turn inside out. Wear. Turn heads. Save yourself $22 at Old Navy. Feel good.


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