No Big Whoop

Last Wednesday, the most amazing post showed up in my Facebook feed from a friend I’d been praying for hard for two weeks.

“… And for those of you I haven’t talked to..I have a new liver! (no big whoop)”

In the blink of an eye, a healthy young woman full of spunk became critically sick, and through a series of miracles was given an amazing gift. While her story is not mine to tell (and believe me, I want her to tell it because she has an amazing way with words), I can tell you the things I’ve been thinking since.

Let me tell you, this sweet girl has always been positive and uplifting no matter what’s going on in her life. She has a way of turning negatives into positives and making me laugh until I cry. I know she is going to fight through her illness and transition with as much sass as she’s always had. Can’t imagine how a person feels, taking a trip to the emergency room and waking up with a new organ and a very specific set of instructions to take care of it. Would I handle it with as much humor and gratefulness? I hope so.

What I want you guys to take from this little story is that we all have things going on in our lives, and we can choose to dwell in sorrow and unhappiness and fear and hurt; wonder why it’s happened to us; become stuck in insecurity and dread; or, you could say “no big whoop!” and focus on the positives. Easier said than done, but did you wake up with a new liver? No.

Research has found that laughing can lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety. Its medically proven that humor can heal. Next time you don’t feel like laughing, go out of your way to do it anyway. Watch your child do a silly dance. Hop on YouTube and watch Honey Badger. Look at my Pinterest You Are Drunk board. Laugh, smile, take it all in. Minimize those anxieties by saying “no big whoop!”

My friend said “Hope is everywhere” and it’s true. Hope it everywhere. Don’t miss out.


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