Nine Braid Braided Braid

You guys, I can not NOT make fun of Pinterest. People just make it way too easy.

For instance, have you Pinterest fans noticed how people can’t shut up about braids? OMG, spice up your pony with a braid! Braid a small braid into your bun! Braid your bangs! Braid braid braid braid braid!

I mean I do love me some braids, but this is getting ridiculous.


Really, who has the time?

So twee.


I don’t even know what this is supposed to be. A big braid, then a tiny braid in a ponytail? If I look at an image and can’t automatically say “oh, yeah, that’s a braid” there is a problem.

I decided on my way home from Disney Monday that I’d try my own braided creation a la Pinterest. I present to you the nine braid braided braid. It’s basically nine small braids braided into three bigger braids and then braided together. You can’t get much more braid-y than that. For your reading enjoyment, I’ll also write my husband’s commentary as he watched this whole thing go down.

First, put your hair in a ponytail and separate it into three sections, then separate each section into three sections, then each smaller section into three even smaller sections.

What are you doing to your hair!?

Start with the tiny braids. You should have nine total tiny braids.

Are you trying to look like you have been on a cruise to the islands or something?

After you’ve braided nine braids, it’ll look like this:


Have fun taking those out later.

Next, braid your nine smaller braids in sets of three to create three bigger braids.


See? Three poorly braided pieces

Why is there so much hair sticking out of the sides?

Now, braid those three braids into one great big braid. It will look like this.


Take a picture of yourself with smug contentment because, my friend, you won Pinterest.


That looks horrible.

What’s the craziest hair you’ve seen on Pinterest lately?

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