How to Survive a Hurricane in North Central Florida

In my four and a half years as a Florida resident, we’ve only experienced three tropical storms. You see, we live 75 miles or so from either coast, so by the time many of these storms get to us, they’ve powered down. After I commenced freak out after the first one that turned out to be a great big NBD, I’ve learned some key ways to survive hurricanes and tropical storms in a virtually landlocked city.

  1. Watch as a new tropical wave bubbles up from Africa. Think to yourself, “wonder if we’ll get hit?”
  2. Check the weather on your phone for the next few days. Lightly read the alert emails at work. Shrug them off.
  3. Enjoy the unbelievably gorgeous weather you get a few days before due to the low pressure pushing all the rain away.
  4. Notice a Category 2 is getting close. Momentarily lose your mind with worry.
  5.  Go to Walmart an buy some batteries, a flashlight, bread and eggs , bottled water and a camping stove.
  6.  Realize you won’th get anything more than a bad thunderstorm.
  7.  Return the flashlight, batteries and camping stove. Use the return money for fabric and nail polish.
  8.  Bunker down as the storm hits. Note that the storm you had last week had stronger wind and more rain
  9.  Check to see if work has closed; when it hasn’t, go to work.
  10. Start walking to work in a light drizzle; As it gets heavier, take the “tunnel” to your office.
  11. Get a Starbucks to congratulate yourself for making it.
  12. Get into an argument as to what constitutes “outer bands of a storm”. Try to resist sending a screen shot of your phone with the outer bands clearly shown.

How do you survive hurricanes?


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