Must-have Summer Accessories for Florida Girls

You know how everybody won’t shut up about how hot it is, as if this is the first time they’ve experienced the phenomena known as summer? For those of us living in the deep South — especially all areas of Florida — these declarations of it being hot are leaving us all collectively scratching our heads. Um, yes, it’s hot? It’s been hot in Florida for about five months already and will be for another three to four.

I’m just saying, we know hot.

We beat the heat in lots of ways — skirts, buns, parking our car in the shade, staying in a pool for 8 hours every Saturday and flip flops. Lots and lots of flip flops.

I am the kind of girl who has two kinds of shoes: flip flops and impossibly uncomfortable heels. I do have one pair of sneakers, but only wear them if I absolutely have to. But oh my, do I adore flip flops.

my feet in some flip flops and my pile of flip flops

Here is why flip flops are good:

  • Easy to wear
  • Lets your piggies breathe
  • Doesn’t matter if they get wet during daily Florida storms because they are made of rubber
  • Cheap
  • Allows you to walk from your office to your car more quickly than those irresponsible stilettos

I love them.

Also? Sunglasses. We’re wearing them year ’round, y’all. I personally love cheap sunglasses. If they cost more than about $5, they aren’t worth it too me. I can’t think about buying some designer glasses only to lose them, have my baby tear them into four pieces or crush them somehow.

These sunglasses cost me a grand total of about $10.

My final Florida must-have is a nice, big sturdy bag. I love, love, LOVE my Earth to Alice Everyday Emily. I’m not even joking when I say I use it every day…I carry my lunch, my work shoes, my SUNGLASSES, a diaper or two, some goldfish crackers…everything a girl needs. For Florida girls on the coast, it’s the perfect beach bag.It holds SO MUCH STUFF, has gorgeous colors and a really great design.

earth to alice everyday emily bag

Linking up with Iris from Iris Focused on Fashion, Janine from J9 Style, and Amber from Real Girl Glam for the Florida Girls Beat the Heat linkup!

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