Hawaiian Maxi Dress Refashion

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Thrifting in Huntington, WV, was on our to-do list while we were visiting my husband’s parents. One afternoon, my in-laws watched the toddler while we rummaged through other people’s discarded clothing for sweet deals.

We stopped by this placed called The Mission, a hot, disorganized thrift store in an old wooden church that funded a bible college in the area. I knew this place would pay off if I dug a little. I was right. Not only did I find two fabulous pairs of unworn shoes, I found an amazing authentic Hawaiian dress. I immediately saw a beach-worthy maxi dress, and snatched it up for $1.50.

Hawaiian maxi-dress refashion

The first thing I did was cut off the top of the maxi dress right under the armpits. I saved all that material, cutting little pieces into strips for the ruffle. Next, I sewed a casing in the top of the maxi dress. The next step was elastic around the waist of the maxi dress refashion. Now, I haven’t attempted elastic thread yet, although I do have it, but I went the route of sewing the elastic directly onto the waist of my maxi dress refashion….and after three tries (and lots of seam ripping) I got it right. Note to self: next time, draw your waist with chalk (NOTED, SELF!)

I tried it on and BOY was it still really, really big. I hated the idea of hemming my maxi dress refashion on the sides because there was some gorgeous pattern over there, but I had to do it — It was gigantic without it. So off it went. I flared the sides a little so I would have room to walk.

I ended up with two very long strips of patterned material, so I decided to use that for a sash for my maxi dress refashion. It was the perfect size and bonus points for making my first sash!

Next, I ruffled and sewed the material on the top of the maxi dress refashion, threw on some shoes and a strapless bra that apparnetly no longer fits (whomp whomp) and played a little fashion model with Hub.

Me: Take a picture of me with this maxi dress refashion.

Him: I guess.

Me: Oh, wait, let me go get some shoes.

Me: Ok, I’m ready. No, wait, let me turn on the light.

Me: Ok, take it.

Him: How does it look?

Me: AWFUL! Take another!


(In his defense, he was watching baseball.)

So I love how it turned out and the best part? $1.50!!!!!!1111 You guys, refashioning rocks. Now all I need is a trip to the beach.

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