Ten 90′s singers who should judge reality shows

Monday, the long-running, ratings-challenged reality singing competition American Idol announced its newest judge — Miss Mariah “Dem Babies” Carey (Cannon). After Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler both announced their departures from American Idol, producers were scrambling to find the next big thing, and they hooked one of the biggest personalities of the nineties for a cool $18 million, one year contract.

American Idol shook their cane and said “you young whippersnappers, why in my day….” in the general direction of Simon Cowell’s brain child, The X-Factor, when they hired Britney Spears as a judging panelist for $15 million (or five million bags of Cheetos.) But of course, Mariah Carey isn’t that different, right? TPTB are pandering to us with fond memories of our teenager-hood or young adulthood in hopes that it will equal ratings.

90s pop singers who should be reality tv judges

This all got me thinking; what other 90′s recording artists would be shoe-ins for reality show judging panels?

  1. Lance Bass from NSYNC – Still around and I’m sure just dying to be something again
  2. Snoop Dog – Funny and self-deprecating when he’s on talk shows and can we say “weed money”?
  3. Geri Halliwell  from Spice Girls – Name recognition without the big bucks
  4. Alanis Morrisette – Prepare for 15,000 versions of “You Oughta Know”
  5. Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child – Who? Exactly.
  6. Wanya Morris from BoyZ II Men – Sean from Boyz II Men already judged the Sing-Off, so it’s time for some more Boyz II Men love
  7. Janet Jackson – She’s Mariah Carey diva levels with less going on in her life
  8. Rob Thomas – How is he not already a judge
  9. A Hanson (Any Hanson) – No better way to get that key 25-30 demographic tuning in
  10. Celine Dion – Quite possibly the biggest name in 1990′s pop music, again, WHY HAS NO ONE CONTACTED HER?

What 90s singers would you like to watch on a reality television judging panel?

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