DIY Kids Sandbox Tutorial

Remember how I can shut up about my backyard already?

It’s for swimming.

It’s for music listening.

It’s for eating and working and relaxing (see my Instagram feed for all those pictures.)

Now we’re adding a new dimension to our formerly “clean slate” backyard — a sandbox for the boy.

DIY Kids sandbox tutorial

My husband is as resourceful as he is handsome, and did a little “upcycling” for our old, unused kiddy pool. I should get one or two brownie points for the hipster crowd for using that term, eh?

Alright, so. This is a pretty easy sandbox tutorial. It’s more like some “kidspiration” (I’m full of it today) to get you started on a fun kids project. And if you already have a sandbox and hate your lives as a result, please don’t tell me. Ignorance is bliss. Besides, LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

DIY Sandbox Tutorial

  • Pick your baby pool out from the leaf piles and weeds on the side of your house. Spray off the bug carcasses and dirt.
  • Dig a hole in your yard as deep and wide as the baby pool.
  • Place the baby pool inside the hole.
  • Throw the leftover dirt in the corner of your yard. Use it for another project. A…dirt project? I don’t know. Ask Pinterest.
  • Add three to five bags of sand to the baby pool.
  • Bring out all the beach sand toys and place them in and around the newly formed sandbox.
  • Place toddler into sandbox. Watch him make a mess.
  • Pick him up to take him inside for dinner and witness the most intense meltdown of the month, complete with coughing so hard your toddler sounds like he might throw up (he loves him some sandbox.)(This step is optional.)
  • Sweep your floors every single day of your life because now there is sand everywhere.
  • Worth it because….well….

What’s your favorite DIY kidspiration project?

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