Celebrity Roundup: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing

5:30 update: Lainey Gossip just published a great roundup of how the divorce went down that’s worth a read. Rumors are that Katie is back with her old publicist, wants new staff around her and Tom is nowhere to be found.

Gosh, just when I think it’s ok to skip a week of celebrity Roundup.

Picture this. I’m sitting in Luke’s baby pool, soaking up the sun in West Virginia when I live and work in Florida and spend all my days inside (irony……….) when I got an alert! From People!

Breaking News! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing!

*gasp* what? The couple who said their i-do in front of God and Ron L. Hubbard and e’rybody are splitting? I know everyone says they are not surprised but honestly? I am! I really thought Tom had Katie firmly enough in the grasp of Scientology that they would stay together till death do they part, or when the aliens come back to earth and take them to the promised land of outer space ……… Whichever comes first.

The couple, who married in 2006 in an Italian castle, are parents to the sassiest kitten heel wearing 6 year old evah, Suri. Katie is asking for full custody of their childreports say Katie is the one who filed.

This will be Tom cruise’s third divorce and Katie’s first. Check out e! Ever intriguing anatomy of a split to see where it all went wrong (I’m going back to the Oprah couch jumping incident). Tom is deeply saddened by the divorce, or that’s what his Scientology coach told him to say.

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