Celebrity Roundup: Blushing brides

Did y’all miss the Roundup last week?

If you’re a fan of It’s Blogworthy on Facebook, (which you should be, what the heck is wrong with you?), you’ll know that I had an emergency department bbq. I’m sorry, but if I’m given the choice between an all-you-can-eat buffet of deliciousness and writing the Celebrity Roundup, I’m going with buffet. Always. I mean, hello! There was chicken wing dip!

So I promised to post it Monday, but I came down with the stomach bug that’s going around. Then it was pretty much too late. I actually had the Roundup about 80 percent written last Friday, so instead of wasting all those hilarious words, I’m giving you two weeks worth of news…..it’s like two Roundups for the PRICE OF ONE!!!!!1111

Drew Barrymore wed fiance and baby-daddy Will Kopelman on June 2 at her $5.7 million Motecito, CA, home. The bride dreamed of a backyard wedding, and wedding planner Yifat Oran gave her a lovely “vintage romantic” fete.

Drew Barrymore, whose new father-in-law is the former CEO of Chanel, wore a dress custom designed for her by Karl Lagerfeld featuring muslin and organza, tulle flowers, feathers and a black satin belt.You know, just your everyday average backyard Chanel wedding dress.

Guests included Cameron Diaz, who recited an EE Cummings poem at the wedding, and Jimmy Fallon, who claims he “rocked out 80′s style” at the wedding reception. The happy couple shared a smooch as they drove off in their classic Mercedes after the reception.

Christopher Polk/Getty via People.com

Last weekend brought us another fab celebrity wedding, when perpetual hippie Matthew McConaughey threw on some shoes and a tux and married long-time love and baby-mama Camila Alves. Parents to Livi and Vida, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves married in a private ceremony on their ranch in Austin, Texas. Camila wore a stunning hand-beaded dress by Brazillian dress designer Ducarmo castelo Branco, a 78-year-old family friend, and topped off her look with a dazzling Neil Lane headpiece and veil that I wasn’t crazy about but really, nobody asked me (shame.)

Camila Alves will officially become Camila McConaughey  for many reasons, but mostly because son Levi has asked her why he’s a McConaughey and she isn’t. From the mouths of babes, eh?

The wedding was only a small part of the three-day summer fun extravaganza and the couple’s compound. They set up a high-end campground complete with air-conditioned tends, gourmet meals and entertainment. Leave it to Matthew McConaughey to turn his wedding into a festival.

Another happy girl ready for some fun? Miley Cyrus, who announced her engagement to Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. Miley Cyrus, former child star turned singer and…child bride? has been dating Liam Hemsworth since they starred together in the Nicholas Sparks film The Last Song.

Miley Cyrus was gifted a Neil Lane 3.5 carat cushion-cut diamond ring set in 18-karat gold styled with diamond floral motifs. I’m sure that goes great with her other lovely styles. Also related? Right now Neil Lane is doing laps in his pool filled with 100 dollar bills.

The couple hasn’t set a date yet, but it will probably be two years from never, because she’s 19 and this won’t last.

One. and. DONE!

Have a great weekend!

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9 comments to Celebrity Roundup: Blushing brides

  • Wait…are you saying you didn’t wear a custom made Lagerfeld gown to your backyard wedding? It thought that’s what everyone did!

  • I did miss the roundup last week! But a work barbecue is a great excuse. We had a bridal shower at work yesterday that forced me to eat a lot and not do much of anything else.

    All this wedding news is so fun! I’m not crazy about Camilla’s headpiece either. I don’t quite believe Miley and Liam Hemsworth will actually make it to marriage. At least I kind of hope they don’t. But I do hope my little brother makes it to his wedding next week :)

  • KLZ

    Wait, Megan Fox has already been married two years? Where did the time go?

  • I’m sad to see Matthew off the market. Though I’m also happy he married his wife so the kiddos have them together and that she’s changing her name. That being said I totally pictured him as a “beach wedding” type. More hippie, less put together. Oh well ;)

    Ugh Chris Brown is a total douche and Rhi is a dumbass! Why is she even talking to him again?

    If that is Jessica post baby… there is no hope for me when I have children. I will balloon for sure.

    I love all the positive stuff that Teen Mom has done for these young girls that have been on the show. Dumbasses all of them!

    Lastly Amanda Bynes needs to get a clue! What a dumbass… that’s my word for the day ;) hehe

    Thank you for always pulling out ALL the stops for this feature girL!

  • “The couple hasn’t set a date yet, but it will probably be two years from never, because she’s 19 and this won’t last.”

    Gosh, you are so cynical! And also, I agree with you.

    And I kinda wish Anderson Cooper would put himself on his own Ridiculist. Not that Amanda Bynes didn’t deserve to be there too, but Anderson and his whole, “Hey, let’s perpetuate the mommy wars!” thing still get on my last nerve.

  • Apparently I live under a very dark rock. How the hell did I miss Barrymore being knocked up?

  • Teen Mom Amber Portwood must be taking lessons from Lindsay Lohan who’s been to both jail AND rehab.

    Some people just can’t help being classy.

  • I love that photo of Matthew and Camilla. She looks amazing!

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