Celebrity Roundup: Blood feud

We’ve made it to another Friday. Let’s all take a moment to congratulate ourselves on such a wonderful achievement. From now on, we should all put “Make it to Friday” on our to-do list so that when Friday gets here and we’re still breathing, we can cross that off with a flourish.

Hey Kevin Costner....You silver fox you.

This week was a rough one at the Austin’s. I worked 10 hour days in preparation of our website launch at work, we had a Tuesday that looked suspiciously like a Monday, it rained a lot and our family had some goodbyes to say. Plus, I’m very tired from staying up three consecutive nights to watch Hatfields & McCoys on the History channel, which concluded Wednesday with 14.3 million viewers, making it the highest rated non-sports and non-news program ever on an ad-supported cable. It proves once again that people care about history when Kevin Costner is involved.

I forced my husband to explain lots of things to me during our mini-series watching, including “Why is there so much blood? Why are they fighting so much?” to which he answered, “It’s a blood feud, babe.” So basically, I’m ready to get this week into the history books and to close that book firmly. I’m seriously considering starting a blood  feud with this week.

There were a bunch of celebs ready to start blood feuds this week. Would you like me to tell you all about it? Of course you do!

Jessica Simpson, new mama to baby girl Maxwell, started a blood feud with her baby weight this week after she announced she would be the new face of Weight Watchers (since Charles Barkley and Jennifer Hudson are skinny now.) The news of Jessica Simpson’s new partnership with Weight Watchers was announced in the newest issue of People Magazine, featuring Jessica Simpson and her baby girl on the cover.

While pregnancy wasn’t so good to Jessica Simspon’s waistline, it was good to her pocketbook. She was reportedly paid $800,000 for the first baby pictures of little Maxwell and another $3 million for her weight watchers sponsorship.

Jessica Simpson will be fighting her fat with what Weight Watachers calls a “strong focus on health eating, behavioral change, activity and support”. Much better than Beyonce’s post-baby weight loss, which is eating only lettuce and not having a baby.

Another blood feud in the making? Martin Short and Kathie Lee Gifford. During an interview last week on the Today show, Kathie Lee Gifford asked Martin Short about how he keeps the romance alive with his wife — who passed away in 2010 of complications from cancer. They must have been out of champagne for her morning pre-interview prep mimosa.

Marin Short and his wife, Nancy Dolman, had been married 30 years and had three children. Short, who knows how to handle fools because he plays them in his character roles, handled the gaffe with grace, for which Kathie Lee Tweeted “I’m so grateful”. Although she Tweeted her apology to the wrong Twitter handle, Martin Short graciously accepted, saying “It’s live television and people make mistakes” (and I’m reading between the lines and adding “especially when they are drunk.”)

Justin Bieber is fixin’ to start a blood feud with a glass wall after he ran into one during a concert in Paris and was knocked out for 15 seconds. He recovered quickly and finished his set, later telling reporters he is “tough” because he’s Canadian. Riiggght.

This isn’t the first run-in with glass for the Bieb. In this 2010 viral video, Justin Bieber gets smacked in the head with a glass revolving door. This kid is a millionaire. What’s wrong with this picture?

One and done!

Have a great weekend! (Now go check out Surferwife’s Fashion Disasters!)

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6 comments to Celebrity Roundup: Blood feud

  • I need to find a fashion disaster for Kathie Lee. Only because I want a legit excuse to bash her. I can’t stand that woman.

    P.S. I’m glad your crap week is nearly over!

  • Kathie Lee Gifford has been headed for an on-air gaffe like this for a while. She NEVER comes across as prepared for her interviews. The one she did with Jill Smokler (Scary Mommy) was laughable and cringe-worthy all at the same time – she pretty much point-blank asked Jill what her book was about. As a “journalist” (and I use that term loosely), should she already know? Isn’t that part of the research you do when interviewing an author – to READ THE BOOK???

    If it isn’t already clear, I kind of hate Kathie Lee.

    Maks and Peta… hmmmm. Why didn’t see this one coming? Yes, Maks is hot and, yes, he’s one of my favorite DWTS pros, but he’s also kind of a man-whore. He’s already been linked to Karina and Cheryl – now Peta?

    Then again, I’m probably just jealous because I’m in total girl-lust with Peta.

  • I really like your Friday TO DO Concept! That might be just the push I need during the week.

    I wanted to watch the Blood Feud show but didn’t watch it. The hubby didn’t seem into it which is odd because frankly he loves history. Maybe I can catch reruns.

    Kathy Lee needs a huge foam foot on set that they can shove in her mouth when she’s actin’ a fool. It’s too bad SNL is on Summer break AND Kristen Wiig has retired from SNL… that would be sketch gold!

    Jessica’s going to get all skinny and make me look bad… oh wait.. ;)

  • So seriously. I almost never actually Laugh Out Loud (even though everyone likes to claim they’re spitting coffee at their computer screens) but I totally made NOISE reading this post.


    Once for Beyonce’s diet of eating lettuce and NOT HAVING A BABY and then again over Katy Perry’s candy-cane boob covers.

    And now I’m laughing again just typing about it. With noise.

    I love you.
    Happy Friday.

  • We just finished watching Hatfield and McCoys last night (we recorded it). I didn’t know it was based on a true series of events at first. Sad how the two families killed each other for so many years.

  • I must look back to last Friday for celebrity gossip! And oh-my-gosh that Martin Short story is so freaking sad. And I spent like 5 minutes staring at Katy Perry deciding what I thought of her without make-up. ‘Cause I kinda agree that she looks unrecognizable, only that’s weird ’cause it’s not like her make-up’s crazy,it’s just lipstick and eyeliner! So I think I’ve decided that her face is so terribly pretty plain that it’s just impossible to distinctly remember what she looks like.

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