10 things that could make me quit blogging

excited face for bloggingThere’s been lots of talk around the blogosphere about a general malaise (salute!) about blogging. Many bloggers suddenly have a “I don’t want to do this anymore” attitude and annoyance with the ins-and-outs of blogging. I totally get it. I, too, am drained by the constant commenting, following, tweeting and stumbling.

Lots of you have slowed down or stopped. Not me. My way to combat the blogging blues is to blog more about progressively ridiculous topics, like Britney spears and kanye west, or just post a bunch of pictures or a really bad tutorial. Or talk about my backyard. In fact, the less I feel like blogging, the more I will blog. I might blog every day this week. You dont’ have to read them; I understand. I wouldn’t read them either.

Here are three things you should know about me: I love the color pink; I could eat lo mein noodles every day of my life; and I’m intensely stubborn.

If I quit blogging, blogging will have won. Because its totally a battle, right?

Here are 10 things that might make me stop blogging:

  • I become a celebrity (will hire someone to blog for me)
  • Morning sickness for baby #2 (but only until I start feeling better and NO, there is no baby on the way)
  • Both my hands get chopped off (there is always speech-to-text technology)
  • I move to Alaska (will be too cold to blog)
  • Win the lottery and move to the Bahamas (there is wifi at the beach, I’m sure)
  • Run out of stories (ha yeah right)
  • My husband says “it’s me or the blog” (I’ll miss you dear)
  • People stop reading my blog ( I’ll just start talking about breastfeeding and someone will read)
  • Start having meetings 8 hrs a day (negative, I’m blogging during a meeting right now)
  • The Internet blows up (hmmm that might do it…………)

What would make you stop blogging?

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