My Mamahood

I have the best kid ever.

He’s the cutest, smartest, funniest, snuggliest, most adorable child ever created, and I created him.


Ok, me and his daddy. Clearly I had some help.

But it was my body in which he spent nine months in the most perfect place ever, growing, developing and practicing skills like blinking and breathing. You know, the important things in life. I felt him kick and punch and roll around in my belly, and I fed him lots of chocolate and watermelon. You’re welcome, Luke.

I gave birth to him — me — pushed him out of my body, nursed him for one year (and going). I’ve changed thousands of diapers, cleaned up hundreds of messes and rocked until my arms were about to fall off.

Gosh, I can’t stop talking about that kid. Everything he does is amazing to me. I realize now I’m “that Mom” who takes a million pictures and videos of her child and shows them to everyone. I realize that, sometimes, as I’m scrolling through my phone photos for the unfortunate person who dared ask how my baby was doing. Shamelessly, I keep scrolling.

“I know, I’m ‘that mom’ but sorry, I’m showing you anyway.”

That Mom. Aren’t we all ‘that Mom’? It’s another thing I couldn’t understand before baby.

Motherhood has helped me understand my own mother so much more, and understand my mother friends, too. I understand the overwhelming joy and fear, and how these two emotions can exist simultaneously. I understand the worry and frustration; I understand how there is no sound in this world as beautiful as a child laughing…especially my own child.

I get it and I love it. I’ll look through every photo album you have to show me, because I understand.

My second Mother’s Day far and away exceeded my expectations. Thank’s to Luke for showing me how much more amazing life is with a child in it. Thanks to my own mother for being a great example. Thanks to my dear husband for making my weekend special.

For any mother who has ever looked into a baby’s eyes for the first time and said, “this one is mine,” — Happy Mother’s Day (a day late.)

I’m honored to be featured on Reed my Writing as a Magnificent Mom. Thanks to JR. I got a little giggle out of answering, and hope you do too.

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