Celebrity Roundup: Sum of all fears

So it’s been quite a week for both Amanda and I. After how work has treated us both with long hours and grueling tasks… I think we both deserve a vacation in a beautiful destination along with a fruity drink and sand between our toes. But despite the hours we keep in the office… I guess we have to be thankful that we’re not famous and therefore have some of our greatest fears exposed to the world.

Are you scared of the dark? Justin Bieber admitted that he’s scared of the dark and sometimes has to sleep with the light on. And here I thought he was growing up a bit after last week’s revelation that he’s an all grown up beer drinker now.

In other Bieber news, after supposedly tweeting a vague message last week… the Beliebers are all abuzz about whether he and Selena Gomez are still an item. He didn’t help the “denials” coming from his agents when he didn’t thank her at the Billboard Music Awards. Hmmm… I smell trouble.

{I swear I’m not fascinated by him… but it’s been a slow week.}

Now on to a fears I didn’t realize I had…

Are you scared some random dude is going to kiss you? Why, yes. Thanks to what happened to Will Smith, I am truly scared of this now. Good thing Mr. Smith has quick reflexes and sucker punched {or merely slapped a little} the dude after the attempted smooch. Despite being for gay marriage, apparently Will isn’t so keen on dudes getting up in his biz.

Are you afraid of surgery? Well, apparently Phillip Phillips (and that’s Jr. y’all) of now crowned American Idol fame had 8 (yes, EIGHT!) surgeries while competing on that itsy bitsy television show. Wow. And now cue everyone saying “I wonder what he’ll be like when he’s 100% healthy.”

Are you afraid of being serenaded to? John Mayer thought it would be a good “pick-up” to sing a page of the oh-so-steamy “Fifty Shades of Gray”. Turns out the woman wasn’t so keen on the song… and “she fell to the ground… laughing” per Mayer during his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be sticking around long for the song either.

And now I’ll hand thing back to Amanda for the one and done’s this week…

Thank you Julie from Dutch Being Me (@JulieDutch on the Twat) for stepping in at the 11th hour for this Roundup. I owe her a Justin Bieber poster or something for her troubles. *wink!*


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!Now head over to Surferwife’s place for her Fashion Disasters!

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