10 things that weigh as much as Jessica Simpson’s baby

Jessica Simpson very pregnantJessica Simpson gave birth Tuesday afternoon to a 9lb 13oz baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson.

Jessica Simpson was seen checking into an L.A. hospital early Tuesday morning with her extended family in tow. As this has been literally and figuratively the longest pregnancy in Hollywood history (she was 10 days overdue, after all) (I’m also prone to hyperbole), we’re all (including Jessica Simpson, for obvious reasons) breathing a little easier now that we don’t have to see her lugging around that massive baby belly every day.

But really, 9lbs 13oz? A few more days cooking and a couple pints of Rocky Road and that little lady would have been an even 10 pounds.

In celebration of the small toddler Jessica Simpson just pushed out her hoo-hah, here is a list of 10 everyday things that weigh 10 pounds.

1. My Thanksgiving turkey

2. Forty sticks of butter

3. A bowling ball

4. Baby Blogworthy at three months old

5. My boobs when I was nursing

6. A sack of potatoes

7. My cat Pepper

8. One and 1/4 gallons of milk (or three two-liters of soda)

9. 1814 pennies

10. About 56 cupcakes. Mmmm, cupcakes.

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