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By now, you guys know how important it is for me to feel pretty. I think we should all make that a priority.

Feeling pretty doesn’t mean a full face of makeup every day or the latest fashions — it means taking a few minutes out of your day for you to do something that makes YOU feel good. Spring is here, and we’re all awakening from the cocoon of winter and slipping our toes into flip flops. Spring also means much more to do: sports, field trips, spring break and deadlines. It’s even easier to skip the feeling pretty part of your day when it’s way down on the list.

Here are five of my favorite beauty products to help you make the most of your “me time” and get beautiful even when you’re pressed for time.

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation

I was looking for a foundation not long ago after being really disappointed with something else I’d purchased and tried Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation. I love it because a little goes a long way, it has a really smooth finish and some kind of sci-fi reflective material in it that gives your skin a flawless look (Rimmel calls it “Smart-tone technology” with blue sapphire, but I like “sci-fi” better). Of course, I love that it was less than $8 AND has SPF 15! It’s perfect for going from work to an outdoor event without having to remember that extra sunscreen step.

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil

Ok, I can NOT be the only person who loves her some baby oil, right? I bought baby oil originally to take my mascara off after nothing else would touch my favorite mascara, Loreal False Fiber, but now I keep it in my shower and lather baby oil on every single night before I dry off. This is a great product for making your skin feel soft, being able to skip the extra body lotion (especially now that it’s shorts and sundress weather) and tricking your mind into thinking you just had a full body massage. There is something about soft, silky skin that makes me feel very feminine — even with applesauce in my hair and poop on my hands.

St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub

My skin has always been prone to breakouts, so finding a good facial wash (that won’t cost a fortune) is really important to me. I have started using St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub daily (although it says to use 3-4 times for best results — oops!) and my skin not only feels soft and looks bright, but is clear. I love the smell of the apricots, the scrub feels like you’re at a spa and in one step you’re cleaning and exfoliating.

Pure Ice Nail Polish

If you’re a pinner, you’ve noticed how big nail polish is lately. While I’m not one to paint my fingers, I always, always have painted toes — and not just because I can wear sandals in Florida year-round. There are some really expensive nail polish brands out there, but I have a few from Pure Ice that I love. Pure Ice nail polish is cheap, good quality (it lasts on my toes for 10 days or more) and dries fast with no bubbles. Plus? Tons of gorgeous spring colors.

Suave Sweet Pea and Violet Body Lotion

Suave needs to stop it with this stuff. It’s amazing. I want to invent a machine that pumps out the smell of Suave’s Sweet Pea and Violet Body Lotion so my whole world can smell like it all the time. Can you tell I love good smells and have a thing for lotion? Again, it’s a time saver for spring – moisturize your skin and smell amazing at the same time.

Next time you’re in a beauty rut, try out one of these great products.

Now here’s my challenge to you. Will you spend this spring making yourself feel beautiful at least once a week?

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12 comments to Be Beautiful Challenge

  • I can’t wait to try all of this (minus the baby oil thing because my skin is in folliculitis revolt right now). Also, you and Shana have convinced me to break out of my red/pink nail polish habit. This week? It’s Statue of Liberty green. I feel like such a rebel!

  • I always keep my toenails painted in the warmer weather and indulge in regular (albeit cheap) pedicures throughout the summer. I simply refuse to wear open-toed sandals with naked toes. I’m a big fan of the OPI line.

    I also tend to be very brand loyal with my beauty products (wonder if Clinique would sponsor my blog?), but as far as body lotion goes, I love, love, LOVE the Target brand body lotion with cocoa butter. I started using it when I was pregnant and have never stopped!

  • I’ve been painting my nails more now that I have some cute colors to play with. I haven’t tried Pure Ice! I’ll have to look! I’ve been searching for the perfect foundation though, too. I can’t wait to try that out!

    ALSO, I use the Baby Oil Gel and mix it with my Vaseline Intensive Care yadda yadda yadda lotion, and my skin is feeling so much better. I have super dry skin so it’s really important to keep it moisturized.

  • I will need to try this baby oil thing – I have rough patches on my skin and can’t figure out what to do with it. Will let you know if it works for me.

    Also? What makes me feel beautiful – being pampered. Which I don’t do near enough for myself.

  • I’ve tried every acne medicine out there and spent hundreds of dollars since I was 14! I SWEAR by St. Ives Apricot stub (blemish/blackhead control). It is amazing and so affordable!

  • Love your baby oil idea/trick. I have been battling dry skin and I used to always use the in shower lotion that you put on, let the heat warm it to your body and then hose it off – but my husband and I got tired of nearly breaking our necks slipping in the shower after I used it. SO… I think this trick is much smarter! Well done.

    Thanks for the St. Ives reminder too – my skin has been a wreck lately and this stuff always works like a charm!

    • Amanda

      The baby oil is just the same as that stuff and I put it on right after i turn off the water and then let it soak in for a second, then put lotion on. It makes my skin soft all day…it’s amazing and feels so good. It’s the little things ;)

  • I’m a little late to the party – don’t know how I missed this post! I’ll have to try the nail polish. I’m always looking for a good cheap brand since I only use it in the late spring/summer and don’t have the patience for it to take long to put on or dry.

    I have skin prone to breakouts, and where it’s not breaking out, is very dry. I’ve found the Neutrogena line to be relatively cheap and helpful. I use 2 different scrubs, one is the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub – that one feels gentle enough for my very sensitive skin and could use every day if I wanted but use about once a week. The other one I use once a week and is the Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub. For a cleanser the Oil-Free Acne Wash Redness Soothing Facial Cleanser helps keep me clear and definitely is gentle on my skin and keeps the redness at bay. I then follow up with the Neutrogena Visibly Even moisturizer. One thing I’ve also found is that my skin responds differently in my late 30′s (who am I kidding, nearly 40!) than it did even 7-8 years ago.

    Have you tried the Dove body wash lines? Holy smokes, those things are great! They have great scents and also a gentle exfoliating body wash and they get your skin soft! I use those and the Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion afterward. It sounds like it would be greasy but it is so light and not oily feeling at all! Funny story, one day after using this combo (I don’t find time for the lotion every day) I was visiting a friend and her little boy (who’s 4) had given me a hug and couldn’t stop rubbing my upper arm! I took that as a sign it was working. ;)

    And I know it’s not cheap, but my favorite foundation is Estee Lauder Double-Wear Light. I literally do not have to re-apply it at all. It lasts from the time I put it on until the time I get ready for bed. That and their light bronzer powder to make me look less Morticia Addams-like is a winning combo! The powder does last forever. They make the foundation in a powder too, but I haven’t tried that.

    Sorry for the book but I love me some good beauty products! :)

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