Celebrity Roundup: Super Gos to the rescue

Sometimes Friday comes and you’re wiped out.

Too much. It’s all too much. And after the third time you unload your dishwasher just to fill it back up with dirty dishes that have been sitting on your counter, you just want to get right into the car with a stash of US Weekly’s, a towel and a bag of Sun Chips and drive to the beach.

During these weeks, wouldn’t it be nice to have a super hero? Someone who can sweep in and do all the things you don’t want to do, like cleaning out the litter boxes and meticulously scrubbing a sippy cup, so you can focus on sewing beautiful dresses for your blog friends with your new (used) sewing machine.

Hey girl, I'll unload the dishwasher right after I put away the laundry.

Unfortunately, Ryan Gosling isn’t around to help me with the drudgery that is being a grownup. That doesn’t’ mean he’s not still Super Gos.

Ryan Gosling saved a British Journalist from being hit by a cab in NYC on Tuesday, adding proof to the conspiracy theory that he’s not real (there’s no way!) Laurie Penny tweeted the news Tuesday night, confirming it was actually him when a bystander said, “You lucky bitch!” Penny was attempting to cross the street when Ryan Gosling grabbed her from the oncoming traffic and said, “hey, watch out!” 

The most recent act of heroism joins Ryan Gosling breaking up a street fight in NYC last year and other various and sundry good deeds to cement his status as Most Perfect Man Ever (suck on that, Bradley Cooper.)

The novelty quickly wore out for Penny, a feminist blogger, who penned a post on Gawker about the whole ordeal and tweeted, “EVERYBODY CALM DOWN ABOUT RYAN GOSLING NOW”. Not as long as he’s still going shirtless in movies and singing the My Little Pony theme in interviews, thankyouverymuch.

Hey Ryan Gosling, need someone else to save? Jaleel White needs some assistance with his piss-poor attitude and anger issues.

Jaleel White, best known as Steve Urkel on Family Matters and currently a contestant on Dancing with the Star, is in hot water safter the news broke earlier this week of a viscious fight with his dance partner, Kym Johnson. Reports say White, “flipped out” when he stepped on Kym Johnson’s toe during a rehearsal, screaming that she should quit “acting like a baby” over the accident. When Mark Ballas, another professional dancer on the show, stepped in to help, White exclaimed, “You remind me of that annoying sitcom neighbor who gets into everyone’s business!” Sheesh, Urkel, bitter much?

Later in the week, Jaleel White said, “Did I do thhhaaatt?”. Ok, he actually downplayed the fight using other words, but that’s how I translated it.

The on-air argument followed Jaleel White’s admission that his ex-girlfriend and mother of his only child filed a domestic violence suit against him, but urged that it was a ploy for money and an attempt to “steal his joy.” Like the joy you stole from Kym that was filmed for national TV, hmmm?

Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/jaleel-white-gets-into-vicious-fight-with-kym-johnson-mark-ballas-201224#ixzz1rGpdpkpb

We’re all busy people here and nothing else can compete with this, so how about we skip right to the one liners?

Have a dishes-free weekend! Now, stop over to Surferwife’s place for her Fashion Disasters and don’t forget about the Draw Something Linkup, DRAWESTIN, hosted by me and Hutch!

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13 comments to Celebrity Roundup: Super Gos to the rescue

  • As always, fabulous!

    Did you read the comments on Penny’s post about being saved by RG? While I thought it was a well written, kind of homourous post, judging by the comments, all anyone else got out of it was that the use of the word “whilst” needs to be debated!! Seriously!!

    The My Little Pony thing was awesome :)

    Also, Rhianna has some serious problems as far as I am concerned. And probably needs loads of therapy!

  • Not only is Ashton the guy who starred in “Dude, Wheres My Car”, he was also Kelso in that 70′s Show. I think the girlfriend was just Adam’s beard. I know he’s supposed to come off as Metrosexual but he has too much Ryan Seacrest in him. (Yes, I intended that to sound dirty) Finally, I don’t think the twins are too smart for baby proofing but I believe with all my heart that they are smarter than both their parents. Great post. Peace out.

  • I love this. And it’s not even the Ryan (yes, I can call him that because I’m not one of his worshippers – gasp, I know!) stuff. I think the rest of it is freakin’ hilarious. The added tidbits? Genius. Seriously.

    Love it.

    • Amanda

      Thank you! It’s here every week ;)

      I think Ryan turns a lot of people off because he’s too perfect — or he appears to be. He’s probably just as maddening in real life as every other man out there ;)

  • I’m not saying this to make you jealous but my first ex-fiance looked a LOT like Ryan Gossling…unfortunately I think Ryan was just a glimmer in his mama’s eye when I was engaged the first time so I couldn’t full appreciate this.

    And here’s an example of a night in hell for me: being forced to watch “W” and then forced to watch Ashton Kutcher acting as someone brilliant. Really? There is NO ONE else??

    I love Kate Winslet and I feel your pain about the dishes. Neal has developed a really cool habit of just walking around them. I absolutely *adore* it.

    Happy Easter, love!

  • I laughed out loud when I read that Kate Winslet quote.

  • It would have been awesome if Gosling had said “hey girl, watch out” when he was saving that lady from getting hit by a car.

  • I’m sad that it’s Monday morning and I’m just NOW having time to read this. BUT… Ryan Gosling shirtless makes it all feel better. Who needs Tylenol?

    In re: to Nick Cannon, here’s the thing with twins… there are TWO of them. Two babies who help each other figure out those pesky devices. Two babies to push over gates. Two babies to climb on couches. Two babies who run in separate directions. Face it, Nick, there’s no such thing as baby proofing twins. (Unless, of course, you put them in a cage until they’re two when timeouts are allowed and they understand the easiest word in the English language. Though it’s rumored that they don’t actually learn this word until well into their 20s.) That’s “No.”, in case you haven’t had to use it yet. ;)

  • I think I’m finally starting to get the whole Ryan Gosling thing :) My husband loved that Kate Winslet quote too – to this day, he will start screaming if that song starts playing until someone turns it off.

  • See what happens when I go to Mexico? I had NO idea this happened with Urquel. Ok, where’s this weeks RoundUp? I need my fix, por favor.

  • Amanda, I have not been able to read for a few weeks and have missed the celeb laughs as only you can do! As for Urquel – how about all the joy he stole from us when he created the character of “urquel”! Oh, and I am right with you about Ryan – tell Penny to mind her own beeswax!!

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