10 Celebrity Draw Something pics

I’m obsessed with a new game, people. It’s not Words with Friends. I used to like that then I discovered I’m kind of dumb and hate Scrabble.

I love me some Draw Something. It’s like Pictionary except you get letters instead of having to guess out of the blue. It’s pretty much the most fun thing I’ve ever played. I love drawing and guessing things and playing games with friends on my phone.

The most fun part is playing with people you get and who really get you. Sometimes less is more — sometimes all it takes is a phrase or a word and you know exactly what the picture is supposed to be, even if the picture is only a stick figure.

Here are 10 of my favorite celebrity draw something pictures from some of my favorite opponents.

beyonce pregnancy fake draw something

KLZ gets me. She knows that I think Beyonce did not have her baby and also agrees with me. That’s true friendship right there.



Elena is awesome because I wasn’t 100% sure what this was until I saw the dog figure at the bottom labeled Bo. That’s all it took.

lady gaga draw something

Jess captured the essence of Lady GaGa with the ubiquitous hairbow. The bow….made out of hair.

Another “hair bow” from Rox, but this  Lady GaGa had ridiculous sunglasses. Well played, Rox. Well played.

conan draw something pic

The intricacy of Kallay’s Conan picture was stunning. Look at all those happy people, just haha-ing away. Brilliant.

donald trump draw something

This Donald Trump from Liz was practically perfect. The hair, the squinty eyes — she almost didn’t need to say “You’re fired.” Almost.

Hutch, you sly fox. Need a translation? “Married to the right and left leg of skelator.” Could it be anyone other than Brad Pitt? GAH she’s a genius.

taylor lautner twilight draw something

Lindsey knows I’m not a Twilight fan so much as I’m a celebrity gossip fan, so she knew exactly what clue to give me for werewolf (which clearly I can’t spell.)

Ryan Gosling draw something

Another unorthodox clue from Lindsey. Oh, Gos. Be still my beating heart.

kobe draw something

That awkward moment when all you have are the colors black, yellow, blue and red and you get a word like Kobe. Kallay went there (oh yes she did.)

Now me and Hutch want to see your best Draw Something drawings! Linkup with us for the whole month of April for Drawestin, a Draw Something Linkup from #AwesomeAustin. Grab the button below and show us your finest works of digital art.

DRAWESTIN a Draw Something Linkup

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