Did SNL fail Lindsay Lohan?

This blog has a long standing tradition of making fun of Lindsay Lohan. She’s a regular on the Celebrity Roundup and I’ve even featured her as the hottest of hot messes.

I have a bittersweet relationship with Lindsay Lohan news. One one hand, she’s an easy target whose legal struggles have been so unbelievable you wonder if she’s a Hollywood director’s secret pet project and it’s all an act. On the other hand, there are times when I’m writing about her and I just want someone to come along and swaddle her until she quits acting like a fool, ya know? She’s a little girl who is incredibly lost.

Lindsay Lohan as a young child

On the other other hand, she’s been given more second chances in her young life than many of us “normal folks” will get ever, and yet still doesn’t seem to realize how lucky she is — so that makes me want to see her fail.

Lindsey Lohan Drunk Face

That’s three hands. I don’t even have three hands. That’s what Lindsay Lohan does to me.

At first I didn’t want to support her success by tuning into SNL, but at the 11th hour (literally, 11 pm) I decided to tune in. It could only go one of two ways.

Lindsay Lohan SNL Highs (No pun intended)

The Monologue

Not bad. Some funny moments from Keenan Thompson and Kristen Wiig — plus, anytime Jimmy Fallon is on TV it has to be good. At this point, I thought she might pull it off.

Real Housewives of Disney

Possibly one of the funniest skits I’ve seen on Saturday Night Live this season (and probably last season, too). But to be clear — it wasn’t because of Lindsay Lohan. I loved Kristen Wiig as a drunk Cinderella and Vanessa Bayer as a ghetto fabulous Snow White.


This one actually gave me a few big chuckles. The guys couldn’t have been funnier as overenthusiastic morning radio hosts at a hip-hop station in Minnesota, and Lindsay had a few good lines as Illiterate Lisa, the intern. However, something was off about her timing and she didn’t do much additional acting besides saying her lines (but at least she memorized them in this sketch.)

Lindsay Lohan SNL Lows

Like, everything else.

Although Lindsay looks healthier than she has for awhile (and seems like she’s clean), she looks like she’s about 42 years old and also like she’s wearing a wig. And? She sounds like she smokes a pack a day, which she probably does if we’re going to be honest.

The “funny one time two years ago” Scared Straight skit was just painful to watch, as Lindsey looked off screen at the teleprompter constantly, flubbed up her lines and  couldn’t pull off self-deprecating jokes about her legal problems.

Or this skit with Kristen Wiig during which Lindsay  Lohan plays a housesitter. A decent idea poorly executed by Wiig’s scene chewing and Lindsay Lohan’s stiff acting.

SNL Success?

Saturday Night Live sort of sucks. We’ve all known that for years. I personally still tune in (albeit via DVR a few nights later) but usually end up fast forwarding because so many of the skits fall flat, go on too long or stopped being funny after the first five times. It’s weak and unfunny at best, painfully embarrassing at worst.

Bring in Lindsay Lohan, give her terrible script, and of course she’s going to fail.

But then again, she essentially hasn’t been in a successful movie since Mean Girls. She clearly didn’t bother memorizing her lines, she has no comedic timing and she missed her cues. She couldn’t even play herself with a sense of humor. Even if she had the best script in Hollywood, I’m unsure she could handle it.

Maybe she’s just not good at live TV; maybe SNL set her up for failure; maybe she set herself up for failure.

You can argue that Lindsay Lohan isn’t cut out to be an actress; that she covets the lifestyle of an actress more than she cares for acting. I personally think she’s just reached her prime as a child actress and that her problems are always going to overshadow her potential. She’s been LiLo-who-screws-up so long that it’s impossible for us to see her any other way; so even if all the elements were perfect — if her Saturday Night Life performance was on point and the material was amazing — viewers would still think she failed because of who she is.

All in all, I don’t think this was a great way to launch a comeback.

Did you watch Lindsay Lohan on Saturday Night LIve? What did you think? Success or failure?

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14 comments to Did SNL fail Lindsay Lohan?

  • I’m dying to watch those skits in the morbid way one cranes their neck when passing by car accident. I’ll have to do it at lunch.

    I’ve been too focused on how weirdly terrible LiLo looks to consider her supposed “comeback” (and how many “comebacks” has she had now?). But seriously… that is some majorly botched plastic surgery she’s had done.

    To be fair, though, while I hold Lindsay accountable for her actions and hope she cleans up her act for good, I have to acknowledge that she never really stood a chance with parents like Dina and Michael Lohan.

  • I kind of want to slap Lindsay with all three of my hands.


    p.s. It’s okay if she looks 42 because I, for one, still look 25 (shhhh). :-)

  • I didn’t, but I did DVR it and am now excited to watch those first few sketches. And, yeah, I’ve stopped thinking she’s really gonna make a come-back, she seems too far gone.

  • I tried.. I really tried, but ultimately fell asleep after the first 10 minutes.
    It could’ve had something to do with the jumbo margarita I enjoyed earlier, but I’m thinking it was more b/c she sucked as a host.

    I did like how she was willing to make fun of herself in the opening monologue, but her delivery came off as a flat instead of funny.

    Why doesn’t SNL just give in & hire JT as a permanent cast member?

  • Stephanie

    It makes me so sad what she has done with her life since reaching adulthood. I don’t usually watch SNL because I really do not and have NEVER found it funny. I may google these clips though just to watch the small train wreck that is Lindsey Lohan. Your clips will not play for anyone not living in the States, very discriminatory if you ask me ;) I also agree with Kristin, she really didn’t have much of a chance considering what her parents are like :P

  • I don’t even watch SNL anymore – when it started making me cringe more than laugh, I gave up.

    I really, truly do hope that LL cleans up her act for good someday soon. She had a lot of talent at one point.

  • Cathy

    I didn’t watch it, but I did just watch a bunch of the skits you posted. The MN radio morning show bit was pretty hilarious! Good old school closings…I enjoyed that they made that funny. There’s always that one school that is closed no matter what. Unfortunately for me, my high school was stayed open. If they decided to close they were the last ones to do it. So, we’d inevitably be almost out the door when we’d finally see that we were closed. Then we’d be pissed that we couldn’t sleep in because we were already up and showered. Damn snow days.

    This was a fairly pointless comment. Never mind me…just reminiscing out loud.

  • I tuned in just to see how she would do (I hoped she would do well, actually). Honestly I only saw the rap skit and one other and I had to change the channel, it was just too painful. I hope she got a few funny moments out of it, but I agree with you -did not do anything to help her comeback (although she did look substance free).

  • I think I am going to go with my gut and skip it. She just makes me crazy and I’m really afraid that she is going to lose it and go bat #@*$ crazy on someone soon.
    Kristen recently posted..I Had A Little Work Done Over The Weekend…

  • I only saw the Disney one and thought Lindsay sucked. So I’m right there with ya!

  • Nicole@muranoplace

    I don’t really watch SNL but some episodes I do watched it. I’ve been watching Lindsay since her launching movie about twins through Mean Girls. At one point I did like her but after seeing the news about all her legal problems.. She’s kinds disappointing. But it’s her life anyway. :)

  • Ok. I tuned in. I watched the ENTIRE show hoping that it would get better for her. The Real Housewives skit was funny but I agree, not because of Lilo. I found myself laughing to most when it was skits not even involving her like Weekend Update. I think that maybe she’s isn’t great live and the fact that she was nervous probably played into it but reading from the cue cards NON stop wasn’t ok. She knew all week she was going to be ok. She could have learned a few more lines. That’s what an actress is SUPPOSE to do!

  • You don’t wish someone to fail, but if there is someone we need to choose then i choose Lindsay as well..

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