Celebrity Roundup: Real Love

I have three reasons to be excited it’s the weekend and one reason I’m not.

It get to sleep in for a little while.

Saturday is my “splurge day” and there are some Samoas just begging to be devoured.

I see no reason that I’ll have to actually put on pants.

And why I’m not?

baby sitting on a pile of laundry

Not the baby. UNDER the baby. That’s clean laundry ready to be folded and has been for about two weeks. We’re just picking our clean clothes off the floor and putting them on our bodies.

Nothing but pure class at the Austin house.

But at least we found each other to be messy with — that’s real love. And didn’t even have to go on a reality TV show to find it.

Speaking of real love, Bachelor Ben Flajnik choose the least of 25 evils and proposed to Courtney Robertson during the season finale of the show on Monday night. Less than ten minutes later, the couple admitted on After the Final Rose that they were “on a break”. You guys, that didn’t work twenty years ago on Friends. Why would it work out for your fragile relationship?

Ben said he felt overwhelmed and needed to clear his head (with several other women in San Francisco, as you do) and broke off the engagement. The break-up happened around Valentines Day, as broken-hearted Courtney Robertson recounted that she didn’t get anything from Ben – not a card, not even a SINGLE ROSE (Irony.)(Maybe he used up all his roses whilst on the Bachelor). The couple is now back together.

And in other news, Barbara Walters thinks The Bachelor is degrading to women and is deeply offended (like, 15 seasons too late, Wa Wa.)

Another couple was raising some eyebrows this week. Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, was seen out and about canoodling with her ‘adopted’ brother, Nick Gordon. There have even been reports the pair are secretly engaged.

Houston took Nick Gordon under her wing and raised him as her stepson in secret (worst kept secret….) Now the singer’s mother, Cissy Houston, has called the relationship between her granddaughter and step-grandson “incestuous” (a claim Bobbi Kristina denies) and believes Nick is taking advantage of Bobbi Kristina during a very vulnerable time.

Incest? I’m pretty sure you have to be blood related for it to be incest. Cissy, maybe you were searaching for another I word — icky perhaps?

Bobbi Kristina claims Whitney Houston is talking to her from beyond the grave. Wonder what she’s saying about this hookup?

Real love beginning for some couples, and ending for others. One sad example? Former 90210 star Jennie Garth and Twilight actor Peter Facinelli are filing for divorce after 11 years of marriage. They cited irreconcilable differences for the split and said they would remain friends. AND SCENE. Twihards, does this guy push your buttons? He’s all yours.

In other parts of the celebrity gossip world:

I”m spent. Happy Friday!

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