Baby’s First Disney Trip

Oh, have you guys heard? We love Disney World at our house.

We decided to get seasonal passes to Walt Disney World while Baby Blogworthy still gets in free. What does one do with a 15 month old baby at Walt Disney World? Honestly, not much.

We headed to Walt Disney World on Thursday for his first day. The weather was perfect — sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky. We were well rested. It was going to be AMAZING and MAGICAL.

It was hot. And crowded. But it was amazing — until Baby Blogworthy didn’t nap all day and had a meltdown on the train and ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home wearing nothing but his diaper and the remnants  of McDonalds Shamrock Shake on his cheeks.

Sunday we got crazy in the brain and decided to go back. The official phrase of the day was “30% chance of rain my hiney”, as it rained the. Entire. Day. Hub and I had ponchos and the forethought to get a waterproof stroller cover, so Baby Blogworthy was nice and dry.

This time, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t push him too hard; when he got tired and grumpy, we’d leave. This time we were able to ride more rides.

He experienced It’s a Small World for the first time and was mesmerized.

He smacked the carousel horse with his hands, urging it to start, and did the same when it started to slow down.

He laughed. He smiled. He snoozed.


Have you experienced a theme park with a little one?

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