Irish Cheese Fries

Once upon a time, when I was pregnant, my dear husband and I were at a “Irish” sports bar (which was as much an Irish restaurant as McDonalds is fine dining, but I digress) and on the menu was a simple appetizer: cheese, bacon and sliced potatoes. They called them Irish Cheese Fries, and I was in love. (I couldn’t get enough cheese while I was pregnant.) (Actually, that hasn’t changed.)

I replicated the dish again and again and again for months and then it fell off our normal rotation, probably because I forgot to buy more potatoes.

Lo and behold, I recently had an entire bag of potatoes and an empty spot on the menu. And a block of cheese.

That’s all it takes to make magic happen.

I love these because they have a similar taste to traditional cheese fries, a long time favorite of mine going back to my grad school days when they were dinner.

They are super, super simple and much healther than traditional french fries because they are baked. I mean, I used regular cheddar cheese, but low-fat cheese would work just as well and cut out a LOT of calories.

You’ll need:

3 to 4 medium baking potatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Two cups of shredded cheddar cheese (mild cheddar or low-fat)
1/2 cup bacon bits (or crumbled cooked turkey bacon)

Salt and pepper to taste

Step 1

Cut your potatoes into thin slices. Really, your taste determines how thick. I like to vary mine so some of them are so thin you can see through them, but some of them are 1/4 inch or so thick. The thinner the potatoes are, the less time it takes to cook.

Step 2

On a foil lined pan, place your potatoes on a single layer and drizzle extra virgin olive oil over them. Salt and pepper the potatoes to taste. I also sprinkled a little Cajun seasoning to give it a kick.

drizzle potatoes with olive oil

Step 3

Place the pan in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes.

Step 4

Move the potatoes to a small baking dish or pie pan and cover with cheddar cheese and bacon bits. Bake for another 10 minutes or until the cheese is nice and melty.

Irish Cheese Fries finished cheese and bacon

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Enjoy the cheesy goodness and then slip into a carb coma. You can thank me later.

What’s your favorite way to serve potatoes? Spill it on my Facebook page!


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