Celebrity Roundup Birthday Bash Extravaganza

Last February, Charlie Sheen went cray cray.

Around that same time, I decided you guys needed more celebrity gossip in your lives. I made an executive decision on behalf of the blogging community. It had to be done.

Knowing busy ladies (and gentlemen) who aren’t me don’t have time to click through to every lame story E! news teases, I set out to take the guess work out of celebrity gossip. I mean, I couldn’t stomach how much y’all were missing out on.

March 4, 2011, I published my first Celebrity Roundup.

It’s been a super fun year. Celebrity Roundup is, by far, my favorite thing to write all week. I’m honored and thankful for my regular readers who wait patiently every Friday for me to post this week’s hot messes, for those who retweet and share and for all the unwavering support you’ve given me.

Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, it’s time to celebrate like a celebrity: decadent, outlandish, and over-the-top.

After it’s over, I want all y’all to look like this:

Lindsey Lohan Drunk Face

Who better than Lindsey Lohan to show you exactly how much fun you’re going to have here on It’s Blogworthy. She’s like the patron saint of too much fun.

Get ready to party with me February 27 through March 7 (yeah, that’s more than a week — I told you it was gonna be over the top!) I’m partnering with some AWESOME companies to give away super fun items. Some of these include:

  • Bits and Bites by Ana  Cake pops to DIE FOR and I should know because we had some pirate ones at BB’s 1st Birthday.
  • Daisy & Elm Jewelry and Rosaries See it, love it, buy it. Make the other girls jealous.
  • EyeDews It’s like a mini-vacation for your face! For real, I just relaxed with some the other night.
  • US Weekly and Starbucks!
  • MOAR!

That’s not all! I’m going to be co-hosting an amazing linkup with the one and only Surferwife. Imagine the potential for a linkup like that? You won’t want to miss the details on Wednesday.

AND! No celebrity part worth it’s salt starts without a pre-party, amiright? That’s why I’ll be hosting an online lia sophia jewelry party with my friend and first Celebrity Roundup guest poster, Brooke, starting next Monday! You can get blingy just in time for the big bash.

I’m really excited for everything going on here in February and hope you’ll join me for all the fun.

Like me on Facebook to get the latest info on the Birthday Bash, how to get in on my jewelry party, and be the FIRST to learn about the linkup!

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