All dressed up

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Before I got my iPhone, I took pictures on my Droid.

Now, I create art.

Of course, I’m not sure who would consider filtering pictures within an inch of their lives “art” except for me, but its clear I am addicted to photography apps like Instagram and Color Splash.

My newest find? Pixlromatic, which I discovered on Instagram. People are filtering their filtered pictures, adding fonts and labels, then filtering them again. Now we are in then iPhone photography equivalent of Inception and I’m pretty sure this is all a dream.

I decided to use my new app for the good of my Celebrity Roundup birthday bash extravaganza and dress up pictures of my favorite blog subjects, who were all willing participants in this little project although it doesn’t seem like it.





And my festive pedicure for good measure.


And then there is this beauty — a  handmade necklace by Daisy and Elm featuring vintage pearls from the 1920s — you can win if you link up before tomorrow at 5 pm with me and Surferwife for #bloggersWorstDressed. Do it now!!!


iPhone Photo Phun

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