5 Tips for a Fabulous Weeknight Meal

Hubby and I have a long standing tradition of not celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 14th. It’s too crowded, too much pressure, too expensive and when it falls on a weeknight, too much pressure. Who can concentrate on romance when you both know the alarm will be going off far too early for work the next day?

Bertoli was kind enough to sponsor an awesome meal so I could make a tasty, special meal for my family. We tried out their line of Meal Soups and choose the Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken. The soup was perfection: tender chicken, soft cheese filled tortellini, tomato bisque base with a hint of basil. It was super easy to fix and filling.

Bertoli Premium Meal Soup

Sometimes meals at home can be just as special as going out. Here are 5 tips for making your weeknight Valentine’s meal a fabulous one!

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Make It Easy

Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom or you work outside the home, cooking a meal from scratch isn’t always easy. Cut corners where you can. Heard of semi-homemade? That’s your best friend. Buy a loaf of bread instead of baking it yourself or try a frozen appetizer or meal (like the Bertoli Meal Soup).

Set Your Table

You know that fine china you keep in the cabinet? And the nice wine glasses you keep on the top shelf? How about Grandma’s silver in the closet? Get it out and use it — even if it’s not Thanksgiving. Setting a table can turn a normal dinner into something really special.

Dress Up

Even if you’re sitting around your kitchen table, it’s fun to throw on a cute outfit or some sparkly jewelry and dress up for your special night in. Look, my baby even did it!

baby wearing a tuxedo shirt

Set the Scene

Bring some of the special details of your favorite┬árestaurant┬áto your kitchen table. One of our favorites is the olive oil/herb mixture for dipping bread offered at some Italian restaurants. Search online for copy-cat recipes for appetizers or deserts served at your favorite place, light candles and play some background music. It’s easy to replicate ┬áthese types of elements to make dinner at home feel like you’re out someplace expensive and exclusive.

Spend Some Quality Time

Life is busy and it’s almost impossible to sit down as a couple or family to have dinner together. This is the best tip for making your weeknight meal awesome. Set aside one hour to hang out with your family and eat a tasty meal. Those memories are so priceless — even better than dinner out!

What are your tips for a great Valentine’s day night in?

I was compensated for this sponsored post by Bertoli and given a sample of the Meal Soup to try. The tips and opinions are all mine!

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