The littlest celebrity

Welcome Rach, the voice behind Life Ever Since, and Donut, her daughter who (according to all the pictures I’ve seen) lives up to her sugary moniker. Rach is wonderfully supportive, funny and kind blogger, and one of my email subscriptions (that’s how you know I don’t want to miss a thing). She hosts the super fun So, How’d You Meet? feature and every Friday the Life Lessons linkup. Today she’s telling us how her daughter is just like a celebrity.

I admit that I rarely read celebrity magazines or blogs. Frankly, I find them a wee bit ridiculous–the celebrities and the rags, I mean, publications. But then I discovered Amanda’s blog and her Friday Celebrity Round-Up. And it made me laugh out loud.

And then I got to thinking about celebrity life and realized that Donut has quite a few things in common with the stars. Here I present to you the Top Ten Ways Donut is Like A Celebrity:

1. Has her own personal chef, chauffeur and maid available 24 hours a day.
2. When she doesn’t get what she wants, she cries and screams.
3. Looking for a happening party at 3am? Donut’s crib is the place to be!
4. Has spent time in The Pen.

Currently serving 5-10 (minutes) but will most likely get out in 3.

5. Constantly having pictures taken by the papparazzi (or mamarazzi in this case).
6. Always being sent swag bags (from grandma & grandpa).
7. Loves to gaze at herself in the mirror
8. Expects other people to wipe up her stinky messes.
9. Hits the bottle several times a day.
10. Is worshipped and adored. At least by her parents!

So there you have it. My child is definitely on the road to being a little starlet!

Now leave her some love, then go follow Life Ever Since!

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