Celebrity Roundup: I’m the star

If you’ve spent any time here on It’s Blogworthy, you’ll know Fridays are always a really special occasion. We drink a cup of coffee or some wine (depending on the time of day and whether or not you drink in the morning), we dish about celebrity gossip and we complain that we have web policy meetings to attend (wait, that’s just me). And we laugh.

But today — today, my loyal Roundup-ers — is an extra special Friday. Today? I’m the star.

After, like, two years of dreaming that someday I’d be the Featured Blogger on SITS, it’s finally my day! If you don’t know about SITS, which I’m pretty sure all of you do, it’s a community of bloggers whose goal is to educate and support each other. I’ve watched as this community has grown leaps and bounds and I’m super proud to be a part of it. I’m participating in their 31 Days to Build a Better Blog e-course right now and it’s awesome. I could NOT be more thrilled to be featured!

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Oh! Before I forget, this blog is a Kardashian Free Zone — you’ll never see the likes of them trashing up the Roundup! (Although if you’re interested, Jayme has a little conspiracy theory going on about those K-dashes.)

But lest I ruin your entire weekend by skipping out on the Celebrity Roundup, let’s get started.

After days of speculation this weekend, model-turned-reality host Heidi Klum and her husband of seven years, singer Seal Klum (natch), shocked the world by announcing they were separating. The couple, known for outward displays of affection, extravagant matching Halloween costumes and yearly over-the-top themed vow renewal celebrations, announced they had grown apart, as Hollywood couples are wont to do.

TMZ, however, reported there may be more to the split than just growing apart, as their sources said Heidi was tired of dealing with the drama of his temper tantrums. Also to blame could be her $20millon media empire and his…..record from 1998?

The couple have both been spotted wearing their wedding bands less than a week after the announcement, and in an interview with Piers Morgan, Seal hinted at the possibility of a reconciliation in the near future. I sure do hope they can….make it work. <end Project Runway joke>

You know who else has had a rough go of it lately? One Miss Demi Moore Kutcher, who has recently separated from her no-good-cheating husband, Ashton ( if you remember, he was sticking it to other women on their anniversary) , was hospitalized earlier this week after reportedly experiencing a seizure after doing “whip-its”, the street name for Nitous Oxide inhalants. After being evaluated and released, a rep for the actress said she would be seeking treatment for “exhaustion”, also known outside the entertainment industry as a case of the cray cray.

Is it a midlife crisis or something more? Just weeks earlier, Moore was seen dancing on tables at a night club while intoxicated. In addition to the stress of her failed marriage and her estranged husband’s infidelity, reports claim Demi Moore is also suffering from anorexia.

Ashton has no comment because he’s too busy partying in Spain and also starring in a show who Charlie Sheen says is bad. I mean, if Charlie Sheen says it’s bad, it must be really, really bad.

More celebrity news that’s so bad it’s goooooooood:

As always, thank you for reading and your support of my Celebrity Roundup. I read all the gossip so you don’t have to! And to my new readers, thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you back next Friday!
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