Beyonce Bump: So false?

If you’re a consumer of celebrity gossip or a fan of my Facebook page, you know beyonce have birth to her daughter with husband Jay-Z. Beyonce surrogate

Or did she?

The baby girl, named Blue Ivy, was born at Lenox hospital in NYC early Sunday morning in an extremely secured environment. Jay-Z allegedly “rented out” a floor of the hospital for $1.3 million, and in another story, required the security cameras to be blacked out with tape and for hospital employees to turn in their cell phones before their shift.

I get they are celebrities, but what exactly are they trying to hide?

Listen, I was one of the few supporters after Beyonce’s bump literally imploded during an Australian interview in September. When all y’all were like “no she’s definitely not pregnant.” I was like, “shut your mouth when you talk about beyonce!” but as I have been in the car for awhile and talking conspiracy theory with Lindsey all day, I totally believe there is a Beyonce surrogate who carried her child.

    • Beyonce hasn’t performed live since the VMAs during which she announced her pregnancy. This included a prerecorded performance on Jimmy Fallon in October and another at an awards show in January.  She didn’t want to raise a suspicion about her “fake bump”, so she didn’t show up at all.
    • Beyonce released two videos during her alleged pregnancy, Love on Top and Dance for You. In both videos, she Dances highly choreographed numbers wearing tight clothes. No way she was pregnant on either one, and how could she have made so many videos to “hold back” before she got pregnant? If each video takes two weeks to film, and she didn’t release the songs until right before she became pregnant, there wouldn’t have been time to finished the videos.
    • Beyonce announced her pregnancy August 28, 2011 and appeared to be 12 to 16 weeks pregnant. If she gave birth this weekend, that’s a month and a half earlier than she should have.
    • Beyonce was seen out and about just days ago looking not pregnant:


And also seen getting into a car with the same clothes on looking very much without child:

This last one sealed the deal for me. Anyone who has been 9 months pregnant knows that you look like death warmed over before and immediately after baby and if you didn’t, you’re a freak of nature and I don’t want to be your friend. And at almost 40 weeks? There is no WAY you can climb up into an SUV with that much grace. Not in a million years.

Unless you’re not pregnant.

I don’t know why Beyonce and Jay-Z would fake her pregnancy. I can understand why a Beyonce surrogate would be in the cards, considering her body is her bread and butter. I do know that there are hundreds of thousands of women who would love to carry a child and can’t for one reason or another. If you don’t want motherhood to “ruin” your body (which PS no matter how much my body has changed since baby, I’d never even dream of calling it “ruined” because it carried my child), just be honest about your surrogacy.

And maybe she can’t carry a child, as Angel brought up in the comments after I originally published this. There are many, many women who can’t. There is nothing to be ashamed about. She could have used this experience to help other women through their own infertility.

I think faking a pregnancy is one of the worst things a celebrity could do, so I’m puzzled.

I also had lots of time on my hands today.

So, what do you guys think? Beyonce’s bump: so true or so false?

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77 comments to Beyonce Bump: So false?

  • Everyone is assuming if she faked it it is because of her body.. what if she can’t carry a baby?? Her and Jay Z have been together forever and a day. There is a high possibility that her high energy schedule has wreaked havoc on her reproductive organs. Many gymnasts and athletic women often have issues conceiving due to the hormonal imbalances that occur with being activity oriented. Even if they did use a surrogate I really don’t care as long as they are good to their baby with LOVE and not MONEY things.
    Angel recently posted..And then she was gone

    • K

      Female athletes with an ultra-low bodyfat percentage stop menstruating, but Beyonce does not have that problem. If anything she’s carrying at least an average amount of bodyfat, which means she should not have any trouble conceiving. There’s another issue here and I don’t know what it is.

      But I’ll tell you what…I’ve had two children and I could not move like she does in that video where she’s getting into the SUV, and I certainly could not sit down like she did in that Australian interview footage. As far as I’m concerned, both of those are evidence enough that she faked it.

  • Very interesting. I really haven’t given it much thought (which is kind of surprising), but you have a lot of good points. I also always thought she would be a kind of larger pregnant woman and really put on some weight (kind of the way Jessica Simpson looks), but she’s just looked like her regular self with a bit of a bump. I hope they didn’t do something like this because I agree with you – it would have been a great opportunity to share about infertility struggles if that was really the problem.
    Katie E recently posted..Magazine Day: Finally

  • I have NO idea how I missed this rumor swirling around. Blame it on the fact that I worked too much during the *whole* pregnancy. Which I agree… was far too short to be considered normal.

    Maybe that’s why they rented out an ENTIRE floor of a hospital to cover up the fact that they hired a surrogate. I wouldn’t have a problem with the surrogacy thing, but the covering up and pretending that you are something that you are not — well, that just makes me wonder what else you are covering up.
    Julie @DutchBeingMe recently posted..#SOCSunday: Cleaning…

  • To be honest, when I saw an interview with her and (I think it was) Diane Sawyer, and she talked about the concert footage from August (I think) and Diane referred to the fact that she was pregnant at the time she was dancing like, well, Beyonce dances while performing…I thought “Wait a minute – she was 3 or 4 months pregnant and dancing like that in those crazy heels?”. I mean, I decided a long time ago that Beyonce is not a real human due to her amazingness, but even I had trouble believing that.
    Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Baked Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

  • I’ve been suspicious from the start, though I 1) honestly don’t care 2) can’t understand why she would go to all the trouble of faking it. There’s no shame in not being able to carry a child.

    Regardless of whether she faked it or not, she’ll have to live through this cloud of doubt for a long time.
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Memories Captured – We Are A Series!

  • I keep defending Beyonce in my head b/c I really don’t want to believe that someone, celebrity or not, would fake their own pregnancy for any reason.

    In Beyonce’s defense.. she is in AMAZING shape. It is quite possible she didn’t look like death after delivery. Maybe.

  • This story makes me cringe.

    Faking pregnancy, the surrogate (maybe wanting to stay anonymous), the selfishness… it’s just so *celebrity*.

    How sad.
    Kallay recently posted..Stream of Consciousness Sunday! {Distractions}

  • Yeah I’m on the maybe she was not really pregnant train. My friend Bonnie is 8 months pregnant and she says there is no way Beyonce could have been walking around in sky high heels on New Years Eve as it was reported. Bonnie has been wearing around mocassin bedroom slippers and flip flops b/c they are the only things that will fit on her feet.
    JMJE recently posted..Holiday Recap Three-My Vacation in Books, Movies, Television and Music…

  • She has millions of dollars. If she wanted to fake it, she would have done a better job.

    I really think she just carried small. Everything I see about it says ‘look, bump here! No bump in this photo’. If she was going to wear a fake bump, she would be extra careful and wear it ALL the time. It wouldn’t be worth the risk not to, you know? So I think she is very fit and healthy and toned, and she had a great pregnancy (hence her SUV climbing abilities).

    I agree with what you’re saying about how if she did use a surrogate she should be open about it. But I don’t agree she has any kind of responsibility to “to help other women through their own infertility”. But I really don’t think she did use a surrogate anyway.

    • Amanda

      I’m not necessarily saying she has a responsibility to help other women, but that if that was the case, she could use it TO help women if she was so inclined — not hide it, which I think is the opposite of being helpful.

  • No exaggeration, I’ve been thinking so much about your fake pregnancy post ever since I heard about the birth.
    liz recently posted..By 7 a.m.

  • I just don’t know.

    When I heard on Twitter that she’d had the baby, I thought it seemed kind of early. Has there been any mention about the fact that this kid is probably a preemie?

    If she did fake it, I think that’s ridiculous. No reason to be ashamed of infertility. She doesn’t have a responsibility to other women, but what is the point of hiding it?
    Roxanne recently posted..Winter Reading List

  • Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    I honestly haven’t followed any thing about her pregnancy – which is odd for me because I love stalking celebrity babies… however I can’t get on the Beyonce Train, she gets on my nerves. Jay Z however I LOVE. But it wasn’t enough for me to follow. If they did infact face her pregnancy I think it’s in poor taste. I agree that if she had to have help she could have used that time to promote and help women in the same situation if she wasn’t able to have a baby. As far as fearing “wrecking” her body – GET OVER YOURSELF BEYONCE… Look at J-Lo… her body is FAR from wrecked and homegirl had TWINS!

    SJP – I don’t remember why she went with letting someone else have her twins for her – did she ever say if it was for health reasons or just vanity? Either way I applaud her for being OPEN and honest about it regardless of the reason.

  • I don’t know if she did or not. I think the timing seems a little weird, but I also think some of the “evidence” in terms of what she is wearing or how she looks is a little hard to use. She has a completely different life than the rest of us. Maybe she was out and about in heels because the rest of the day (or week) she had people coming in and givig her prenatal massages and bringing her peeled grapes on the couch. Swollen feet not fitting in shoes? She can buy a larger size and throw them in the garbage when she’s done being pregnant. Make-up and hair people and sunglasses can do wonders for how you look, especially when the rest of your day can be spent napping, having people cook for you, etc.

    I am NOT saying she didn’t use a surrogate, because I do think there are weird parts of the story. But I just can’t compare how she looked and felt at 8-9 months pregnant, with her lifestyle, with how I looked, teaching for hours each day and then dragging myself to the grocery store to pick up food for dinner, with a crazy limited maternity clothing budget :)

    • Amanda

      Yes, that’s definitely a factor. They live a different life than we do, for sure. I couldn’t wear heels because I was unsteady, but my feet didn’t grow an inch. A lot of women can’t wear heels because their feet grow! Even between us “normal folk” pregnancy is different.

      I can’t help shake the feeling that something was not right — from the timing of the announcement and birth to the lack of publicity surrounding it. I mean, the same woman who announced her pregnancy on stage in such a dramatic fashion doesn’t perform at all for the next 6 months? That’s what gets me most, I think.

      I’m really loving this conversation, though. Lots of different viewpoints. This is what celebrity blogging is all about!

  • I kept seeing people on Twitter say she “finally” had her baby and I was confused. It seemed like she *just* announced her pregnancy to me, I thought that baby had to be early.

    The renting out a hospital floor thing makes me rage. Especially since I read some NICU parents weren’t able to see their babies some days because Beyonce had everything on lockdown. If she wants that level of privacy, she needs to give birth at home.

    • Amanda

      Totally agree. She’s no better than anyone else having a baby. It was barely September when she announced her pregnancy, and like I said, it wasn’t 9 months. You know how that feels, to have a baby early. Certainly not as “celebratory” as this has been, you know? I’d think there would be more “oh, prayers for Blue Ivy!” if that was the case.

  • OH snap! I think you’re on to something here, Amanda!
    Eve recently posted..Motherhood is a Dirty Job But I’m Happy to do It

  • Very compelling! I wonder, if she did fake it, how long will it be before someone talks-surrogate, staff, fake bump maker. I agree with you about the timing being off – I started writing about what preggo denim she was wearing once she made it official and this birth seemed way too soon to me as well!

  • The bigger issue here:

    They named the baby Blue.

    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me mediocre

  • I’m not of the conspiracy theorist side of whether she was pregnant or not, her face and all around bloat were pretty convincing and it’s hard to fake that even with a crap-ton of unhealthy food, but WHEN she had the baby. If they’re all about the 4′s and she ended up having a c-section why not schedule it for the 4th?
    Hutch recently posted..I Can DO It!

  • I admit, I’m totally enthralled with that idea. I mean, that’s such a good story! And I looked back at the folding bump and I think it does look suspicious – just given how big she looks in the first screenshot, it doesn’t seem possible her stomach could easily be behind a gap in the fabric in the second! Also, I just want it to be true, because of the aforementioned awesomeness of that story.
    Megan (Best of Fates) recently posted..And Then I Punched A Clown In The Face (My New Year’s Resolutions)

  • I tried real hard not to read the other comments until I posted mine because I didn’t want them to sway my opinion. That said, I saw a few.
    I get the possibility that maybe she physically couldn’t carry a baby and they wanted to protect the anonymity of a surrogate. But why go out of your way at the VMA’s to announce your pregnancy then?? It’s kinda of obnoxious.
    I’m leaning towards the fact that they did have a surrogate, and if so than whatever. If I had the kind of unearthly money they did and could hire someone to give birth for me, I’d consider it. But to “fake” a pregnancy and hide the surrogate, for whatever reason, seems a little convoluted to me. I’ve never really been a Beyonce fan though, so I’d probably hate on her no matter how she conceived this baby.
    Shockingly though, I don’t hate the baby’s name.
    Angie@MamaInsomnia recently posted..Introducing…

    • OK, I don’t hate the name Ivy. I forgot that it was Tweeted out Ivy Blue or something like that 1st. Blue is a little strange. Although isn’t that John Travolta’s daughter’s name too??
      Angie@MamaInsomnia recently posted..Introducing…

    • Amanda

      That’s how I feel too. If she used a surrogate, she used a surrogate. So did Sarah Jessica Parker and it was well known, and nobody said boo about it. Her announcement at the VMAs is what makes it so bizarre. She goes out of her way for that, then hides everything else? You’d think she would have used every opportunity she had to flaunt it if she was really pregnant.

  • My name is in this post! :) This is so bizarre. As you’ve noted, things just don’t add up! I don’t expect she will ever address this, so we’ll never know, but it sure is fun to speculate!

    When I saw that video of her gliding into the SUV I thought, no way! Now I’ve never been pregnant, but I just CAN’T imagine moving that way at 9 months preggers.

    I think it’s funny that some reports have said she checked into the hospital under the name Ingrid Jackson, so some bloggers are like “Beyonce’s surrogate named Ingrid Jackson.” Come on, people!

  • While I couldn’t see her stomach well enough to judge whether she looked pregnant or not, I agree that she climbed into that SUV with an inordinate amount of grace for someone supposedly 9 months pregnant. I’m a pretty petite person as it is and remained that way right up until the very end of my pregnancy, but I still walked with what can only be described as a “waddle” during those last few weeks. And yeah, getting in and out of cars was an ordeal.

    If the rumors are true and she, in fact, was never pregnant, I don’t really care but I would have to wonder why she went to so much trouble to fake a pregnancy. Especially if, like Angel said, she suffered from infertility – in which case, why not use her celebrity to raise awareness for it. And if it was because she didn’t want to lose her figure, well then… I guess to each their own. But that would be pretty self-absorbed.
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Toddlerhood is One Long Abbott & Costello Act

  • Carri

    I only gained 24 pounds when I was pregnant, yet I still looked and moved like a fat whale. The night before I had my son, I waddled into Vons looking for food to stuff my face with. Gliding in and out of an SUV in heels? Pffft. I had a hard time getting in a truck with UGGs on.
    Carri recently posted..And That’s The Difference Between Men and Women

  • Well, in a song just released today Jay reveals that Beyonce suffered a miscarriage at some point….so maybe she did get a surrogate…maybe she didn’t. “Glory” :
    A’Driane recently posted..Manic Monday: Meds Are Here!

  • Did you read @carribrown’s post about the baby’s name and it originally being misreported. It will give you a giggle.
    Jessica recently posted..Failure Is Not An Option

  • tawny

    I never even paid any attention to her pregnancy until a few days before she had it but now ive been looking into it and there are some very strange things about it. Not to mention she is one of the fakest and most secrative stars (i say fake bc she always seems to lie to protect her image and also she always wears wigs and looks the same as she did when she was 17 face wise) But what really stuck out to me that no ones really mentioned is that she wore 8 inch heals her entire pregnancy! I know she is more used to them than i am but i gave up heels in my 1st trimester. NO ONE who is REALLY pregnant would put themselves through that much pain everyday! And not to mention just how unsafe id feel hauling around a 20lb. baby belly in stillettos.

  • Klz

    Here’s the thing : I think Jay-Z would want the whole world to believe his testosterone fathered a child no matter what reasons beyonce may have had.

  • Wow, I’d never considered this. Mostly because I could care less about Beyonce, but nonetheless, I’m intrigued. I don’t get why someone would fake it either–it really makes NO sense in this day and age. How sad. People would be nothing but supportive either way.
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..One

  • crystal

    Jay Z’s song “glory”, is about the birth of blue ivy. In the song he talks about Beyonce miscarrying before this pregnancy. Could explain why she hasn’t performed since she was 4-5 mos. pregnant. What’s strange (and i’m no doc) is that she had to have a c-section, usually the problem with women who have miscarried is that their cervix is weak or incompetent (their body won’t allow them to keep the baby in, and cervix began to open too soon). Assuming her cervix was the issue and reason for the c-section (that’s a big assumption, but a common problem), usually it’s because the cervix won’t open/dilate which is a completely different issue that women who miscarry usually don’t have. And I think it’s rare, if not impossible for a woman to suffer from a weak cervix early on in pregnancy to the cervix not dilating enough/at all in the later stages. This is assuming her cervix was the issue. Just kind of strange

  • I’m only 16 weeks and I don’t move with that much grace!

  • Billy

    lets see… Beyonce has lied about her age… (she is closer to 40 than 30), She has lied about song writing credits, she steals from other artists… so what would make you think she wouldnt lie about this pregnancy.. its so obvious she had a surrogate.. she has never once shown her pregnant belly and that stupid photograph floating around of her on the beach with a pushed out stomach is not a pregnancy belly… Beyonce has not gained one ounce of weight in the face, arms, etc… FAKE FAKE FAKE… and now Jay Z has released that stupid rap about the kid’s birth now which is just a horrible song and took about 2 minutes to write…

  • CC

    I don’t think she can carry a child and used a surrogate. I’ve been 9 months pregnant and there’s NO WAY you can slide into an SUV with grace and she had on 5 inch stilettos all the way through this “pregancy.” She’ seems to be obsessed with perfection. If u notice all her conversations dance around the imperfect. She spoke of how her mom has shown her how to be a good wife (her dad impregnanted another woman). Bey spoke of how her little sis got married before her (Solange was pregnant and then married). Not saying that this is Bey’s fault but she seems to in a cotton candy bubble gum world.

  • Man it sure looks like everything points to a fake pregnancy…I mean she definitely wasn’t all out there like Jessica Simpson is…not sure why they would hide it though?
    Natalie recently posted..A Successful Traveling Weekend

  • Adrienne

    I think if B did use a surrogate because she was having fertility trouble (or even preserving her body), that is her business. More respect to her and she does NOT have to announce it to the world. Hell, if I was her and I WAS pregnant, I’d probably throw everyone off so that I could deliver my baby in private.

    HOWEVER, it is incredibly naive to think that B and her camp would not fake a pregnancy. I think it is wrong to use a deceitful pregnancy to trick the public for your image and to sell records. The timing is just too suspicious . . .her single “Girls (Who Run the World)” didn’t do too well and her album, “4″, wasn’t selling. She had planned other events (including a tour, I believe), but cancelled them during the summer because of her “pregnancy.” Giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she decided to just get pregnant since she knew things weren’t working professionally? That would be plausible, but why announce it in such a big way during the VMAs unless you were garnering publicity?

    I respect that B and Jay are private because they’ve kept their relationship and marriage relatively quiet. I will give them that, but don’t lie to the public and insult our intelligence.

    I probably should exert more energy pondering about world hunger or genocide, but alas, here I am writing about a celebrity baby. Oh well. I am just fascinated by celebrity and the absurdity of it all.
    Adrienne recently posted..Ghosts of Jobs Past: 930 Club, Freelance Writing and Temporary/Part-time Work

    • Amanda

      I Totally agree with you. If she used a surrogate, if she’s infertile, if she can’t carry a child — none of anyone’s business. That’s not what bothers me. Not even if she wanted to keep her body, does that bother me. It does bother me that she went to such lengths to announce it in the event that it was a fake pregnancy. Who fakes a pregnancy? That is one of the most underhanded things a person could do, IMHO, besides faking something like having cancer.

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  • Dawn

    Love this!!! I’m really happy you were a featured blogger or I might never have found you! LOL good stuff! love the layout of your blog and the content is king! or queen whichever is dominant LOL.

  • Hi there. Stopping by from SITS girl. Congrats on your big day. I’m so excited b/c I can now just stop by your site for the latest celeb news instead of hauling the three little monsters and hubbie to Barnes & Noble.

    Now, on the Beyonce thing. I’m a bit confused about this one too. I try not to make celeb biz, my biz; and like you, I initially was like everyone just needs to leave Beyonce alone. But as the months have gone on, there seems to be more and more that just doesn’t add up. I suppose we’ll never know the truth, but at least she had a healthy baby.
    Kacey recently posted..A Clutter-Free Way to Keep Artwork

  • Maria

    Am sorry but this i s a whole load of rubbish i am 39 weeks pregnant on saturday and i can get about very easily no problem i dont think they have any thing to hide at all because at the end of the day they are celebraties and they dont want every one knowing their business!! i dont think jay z had any thing to hide by taking peoples phone of people before they went on they shift what do you expect it perfectly normal for that level of sercurity when they are so well known there are some weirdos out there and if i could do the same i would people should just stop being nosey and get on with their own lives !!

  • Rachel

    She def. faked it. Her face didnt get fat or bloated at the end like every other womans does, & everything collectively just doesnt add up.

  • Carole

    This is the 4th blog I’ve read on this subject and yes, I’m convinced Beyonce did not carry this child herself. It doesn’t make a difference except for the fact that she would have had to lie the whole time. What was really fishy was Jay renting a whole floor of a hospital for a million $ and having other moms be inconvenienced by it. Wow! The truth, whatever it is, will eventually come out. I wish them well, regardless of the circumstances.

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  • I am so glad I caught you on Twitter today so you could fill me in on this juicy celeb gossip rumor! :) I honestly have no idea if she was or not, I try not to pay too much attention to celebrity pregnancies, it just makes me moody about my own infertility lol.

    • Amanda

      If she did have a surrogate, why not be up front and honest about it? Nobody would say a word! glad I could “school you” on my crazy ideas ;)

      • anony

        Something stuck a nerve because you cannot find that SUV video anywhere on the web anymore. I also heard that Beyonce and Jay-Z are buying EMI, the company who blocked the video. Fishy, fishy.

  • Snezhana

    It’s a pity that a star like Beyonce clouded her whole carrier with all these pregnancy faking… I was pregnant at the same time with her, and really wanted to believe what she was selling… However, since I have been pregnant at the same time (gave birth on 12.02.) I can only say in Beyonce’s defence: I wore high hills until the last day and I was pretty active for the whole time. But every pregnant woman has her own story. You gotta have at least one problem: nausea (I had it until the 4th month), tiredness, swollen feet, swollen face… something… And it seemed like Beyonce had no problem at all… I was following her through her pregnancy and I was comparing her with me-in every single photo her belly looked different… I just wonder why she decided to fake it?! It’s not like people would judge her? And if so, at least her fans would not feel so “donkey headed” as they do now…

  • Taylor

    U would think that someone who has been accused of faking her pregnancy would show off some topless pregnant stomach photos. She didnt do it, and those two bumps arent doing it.

  • Shayla Assata

    this is entirely not true I held my son full term nd beyond and looked nothing more than 4months preggo at 9 month and 1 week and my son was born 7lb 8oz every pregnacny is different I was still able to dance and move just as I had before I got pregnant I'll admit I may have been a little tired but unless u see the behind the scene of her life u don't know her woes.

  • Two days for a music video? It tooks 2 days as much.

  • Whocares

    In her defense…I didn’t show at all until my 7th month, from behind you couldn’t tell at all, even the day I delivered. I wore heels until the end, and didn’t have a problem. I remained active, teaching dance and bounced back right after birth. My sister, who is a competitive athlete lifted weights & trained hard until her eighth month, including pull ups, box jumps etc. (crossfit) She also wore heels until she gave birth. So, for some of you, this may seem crazy, but for others, it is no big deal. Oh and for the folding dress…mine did that too.

  • Who the hell care's if the pepsi selling minx had a child. She's of the sort on our planet that could most closely be described as Evil.

  • Two weeksfor recording a music video? It tooks 2 days as much to record the scenes.

  • she lied but its a beautiful child

  • The Truth

    she did use a surrogate. All you fools need to stop being sheep and believing everything the tv and internet tells you. Use the common sense you were born with. Celebrities lie ALL the time. Don’t be so stupid!

    Jayz is a POS former low level drug dealer who uses ghost writers b/c he can’t come up with his own lyrics and Beyonce is a zero talent hooch who used plastic surgery to look more “white” so little white bi##hes would buy her music.


  • Meli

    I think she faked her pregnancy. There’s no shame to use a surrogate, a lot of people who can’t conceive whether naturally or (who haven’t been bled dry from) IVF have the option of using a surrogate. My sister-in-law has for years tried to get pregnant and would love to use a surrogate but to no avail.


    Why I think it’s fake, is there is no way a person’s body can jump back to pre-baby weight in less then a week after birth especially after a caesarean section (as it was reported) – as she claimed: her “personal trainer had her running on a treadmill everyday and basically eating lettuce”. I can tell you there is no way on God’s green earth that any physical fitness instructor would let any woman run on a treadmill after a c-section. I should know – I’ve had 4 c-sections and yes, exercise after a c-section is important like walking, but not running. Also, the pictures of her with her Mum carrying the baby in a car seat. Big no-no! Any doctor would advice that any mother who’s delivered via c-section that the only weight she’s allowed to carry is that of her baby (in arms) and nothing more or she risks pulling her stitches. But where she was carrying what looked to be a baby carrier/car seat.

    Also, I know of no hospital anywhere that “rents” floors just so celebs can have their babies (sister-in-law with fertility issues is a nurse and has stated that no hospital would even contemplate that – it’s a hospital, not a day spa). Granted, Angelina went to France and Africa to have her children, but they didn’t have a whole hospital ward to themselves.

    • Amanda

      Agreed on all these points. There are just too many things that don’t add up, but I mean, why hide it? Stand up for all the women who want to have a surrogate and can’t, and be an inspiration. Also, if she supposedly breastfed (which was also reported), eating nothing but “lettuce” is the worst thing you can do.

  • Bren1

    I think celebrities have recently been using these gestational carriers more often and seems to be the craze in Hollywood to fake pregnancies. The problem is women that have gone through pregnancies and deliveries can tell when women faking. Did you see rachel zoe??!! Totally another faked pregnancy and shown on tv!!

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