We’re here to see a man about some toys

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“Come on, Baby Blogworthy, let’s go see Santa.”

“Yeah, let’s hand you over to a big fat man in a red track suit so you can beg for toys.”

When we put it that way, Santa sounds uber creepy.

Here we are, the Blogworthies, quickly approaching the second Christmas with a baby in our home. This time last year, the thought of putting on something non-milk stained and braving the cold (50 degrees, natch) to subject my weeks old child to all the nasties that are lurking on a Santa suit was not something I could handle.

This year — totally game.

Second Christmas, first Santa trip.

(Guess who finally got Instagram and has two thumbs that are twisted into claw-like shapes because she can’t put down her iPhone? THIS GIRL!)

Luckily, the local mall had a very sweet and mild-mannered Santa rather than a creepy one. Baby Blogworthy smiled at him at first but the second Hubby and I walked away so the two of them could get their picture taken, stranger danger kicked in. He didn’t cry, but he certainly wasn’t comfortable.

It would be a mall Santa trip without a little awkwardness, right?

(I feel like Megan would really enjoy the above photo.)

The best things in life are free — like smiles and hand holding and surprise gifts.

Other things you have to pay for.

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