Nothing says “Christmas” like some antlers

I’m Antlering-Up with KLZ today.

Three people in our family and only two of us were up for the antlers.

Would you believe this baby put the antlers on his own head?

This is as good as it gets for the Hub. Here is the conversation preceeding this photo.

Me: Please put on these antlers.

Hub: No.

Me: Please. Everyone will love it.

Hub: Who is everyone?

Me: My blog friends. Like KLZ. You know her.

Hub: I’m not putting them on.

Me: Why?

Hub: I’m just not.

Me: Fine, grinch. I’m asking Santa to bring you some Christmas cheer.

Me: (*snap!* when he’s not looking)

And then? The best part.

KLZ, I love you so much that I’m putting a video on the internet of me with NO MAKEUP ON AND MY GLASSES just for your contest,  so put that in your eggnog and drink it.


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