We have a Loaner Phone situation

Friday afternoon my weekend dreams came true.

I became the proud temporary owner of another loaner phone.

Six phone replacements and two loaner phones in twelve months should be some kind of record. I’ll be waiting for my award in the mail any day now. It’s probably made of reclaimed Samsung flip phones.

Oh, loaner phone. What do I love most about you?

Could it be the one and a half inch keyboard that slides out from under the screen. It’s like a flip phone, but less functional.

Or maybe the fact that it randomly turns itself off in the middle of a call? It’s a Samsung thing; you wouldn’t understand.

Oh! And how could I forget the button the carousel for MySpace? One thing I’d totally forgotten to do is download the MySpace app to my HTC Evo Shift. I mean, I presume there is a MySpace app. I’d check but you know….not for another two to four business days. I can’t believe I’d forgotten to update my mood on MySpace all that time. I bet all my MySpace friends are worried sick about me.

I’m sure you’re all disappointed to find out there wasn’t a contact list containing the names of the former owner’s friends; upstanding citizens with names like Mikey Crip Walk and Unc Bucket. Wouldn’t you agree, though, that the Samsung Reclaim makes up for that by being made of recycled plastics and including a spot on the menu for “Best of Green”. I wish I could tell you what that means but it’s, you know, empty.

Samsung Reclaim, you’ve helped me entertain my Twitter friends all weekend with messages like:

this phone. this terrible phone.



not having a smartphone sucks and that's a first world problem
If you need me, I’ll be rocking and crying in a corner and obsessively touching the screen of this Samsung Reclaim for the next few days hoping and praying that it will turn into a smart phone.

Can you decipher any of these texts? Leave them in the comments!

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