Home for the Holidays

In ten days, Hubby and I will be digging out all our warm sweaters, clothes and gloves, packing the car and driving twelve hours with a year-old baby to visit our families in West Virginia.

I’m approaching this trip with trepidation and excitement. It’s strange to have those two emotions, changing sometimes hourly.

For today’s Monday Listicles, our topic was writing about our hometown. My take is a list of all the things I’m nervous and excited about during our Christmas trip “back home”.

A view of Huntington, WV.

1. I’m nervous about taking such a long trip with the baby. It’s definitely the longest he’ll have ever been in the car in one stretch, even though we’re splitting the twelve hour trip into two days. Considering how much he fights his carseat on even the shortest trips to Publix.

2. I’m excited about all the yummy food in my hometown. Ginos Pizza, Giovonnis Pizza (we love pizza), cheese fries from Fat Pattys, Stewart’s Hot Dogs — I could go on and on. If people in West Virginia can do anything, it’s make the greasiest, cheesiest, most fattening f00d ever. Some say that’s a problem, but I fail to see it.

3. I’m nervous about being away from home for so many days. I’m a homebody, and even though I have been to my in-laws house many times to stay, it’s still not home. I miss my own place, my own tv, my own bathroom and especially all my cats.

4. I’m excited about being “off” for a few days. I mean, of course I will still be on Mommy duty, but knowing there are a few extra hands to help out; that I’ll have, like, 10 days when I wont’ have to unload the dishwasher, clean out litter boxes or wash clothes; that, for the most part, I won’t be responsible for cooking and cleaning up — well, it’s sort of cool.

5. I’m nervous about how Baby Blogworthy will sleep. You know, at the beginning, Baby B had trouble distinguishing day from night (like all new babies), but thanks to some coaching from Liz, we have raised a baby who (most nights) sleeps ten more more hours and takes two beautiful naps every day. The downside? He hates sleeping anywhere that’s not his carseat or his crib. He also gets uber crabby when his schedule is messed up. How’s that going to work when we’re  up late, playing with his cousins during naptime and when he’s sleeping in a pack-n-play?

6. I’m excited about seeing some of my favorite people. Not only will I get to spend more time with my family, but I get to see a couple friends from college I haven’t seen since before Baby B was born.

7.  I’m excited about 10 days off work.

8. I’m nervous about the cold. Oh. My. God. The cold. Our blood is thinned out.

9. I’m excited about all the potential blogworthy stories I’ll experience.  And now that I have my iPhone? I can Instagram the crap outta e’rything.

10. I’m excited about introducing Baby B to our hometown for the first time, even though he won’t remember any of it. We might have been glad to move away, but West Virginia will still always be our home in our hearts.

What are you excited or nervous about for your Holiday trips?

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