Celebrity Roundup: Holidays are meant for love

Hi, you’ve reached It’s Blogworthy. I can’t come to my blog right now because I’m participating in a twelve hour drive-a-thon where there are no winners. There are two positives to come out of this: I will be home, sweet home, in my beautifully comfortable and warm bed and YOU people get to read a fab guest post by the one and only miss Julie, best known as @DutchBeingMe on the Twit.

Grab your favorite morning, afternoon or evening beverage, catch up on some trashy celebrity gossip and leave a comment after the beep….

Even though Amanda is away for the holidays {and for what it’s worth, distracting me via twitter and instagram with a new online addiction played via iPhone called Tiny Tower} I am still here with your weekly dose of celebrity gossip and happenings. And with the holidays in full swing, the stars are giving us no shortage of things to talk about!

First, love is in the air in and around those Hollywood types… and apparently Christmas provides the perfect backdrop for slipping that engagement ring on – or at least that’s what Steven Tyler, Michael Jordan, John Legend, Wynonna and (be still my heart) Matthew McConaughey all think. Me personally? Put a ring on it another day of the year. {That’s just my opinion though.}

Really, it was a love filled holiday, even for the stars who didn’t give away engagements rings…

Ashton Kutcher took his gal pal to Italy for Christmas holiday where they were seen touring (and in Kutcher’s tweets). Lady Gaga finally confirmed the rumors swirling in the interwebs about her and Taylor Kinney seeing each other after they were out for a romantic stroll this week. And People’s sexiest man Bradley Cooper has now been spotted with the ever so lovely Zoe Saldana (as “just friends” per their reps.)

Seeing that Matthew McConaughey is getting married and Bradley Cooper is potentially taken… what’s next? Ryan Gosling with Eva Mendes. Be still my breaking heart.

Well, it wasn’t all about love for everyone in Hollywood. Newly separated Debra Messing hooking up with her Smash co-star hit the tabloids this week, right before Will Chase announced a split from his wife. Good timing.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent the holiday apart, she in Hawaii frolicking in bikini’s… and both without their wedding rings on. Hmmm…

And we have to thank Sinead O’Connor for starting a whole new round of “how short can a celebrity wedding be?!” slideshows popping up everywhere after her 18 day marriage that was like living in a coffin. Maybe buy a bigger place then? Just sayin.

It isn’t a week in the world of Celebrity Roundup without a Kardashian story to keep us going… and rumor has it Kim has a new beau in Kanye West (or you can believe the “just friends” story that all celebrities would like to convince us with.) And if you’re near Vegas… you may want to get your tickets to see Kim and the others as they will (no doubt) be making headlines this coming weekend all over Vegas. You can believe I’ll be at the proverbial edge of my proverbial seat all night for their updates! Yeah. Right. {Speaking of which, I wonder where Kanye might be looking for the DJ gig he had tweeted about wanting earlier this week.}

Finally, only because Dido was named by Fadra as my celebrity doppelganger in a late night twitter chat about 2 years ago {yes, I remember crazy things like this}… I had to include the news that she is a new mother. Or at least a relatively new mother. I guess when you don’t have paparazzi following after you, you can keep the birth of your baby in July a secret until Christmas. Especially when you name him Stanley. {And yes, I’m also one that is finding that name oh-so-ironic.}

Random other news I was drawn to this week…

Picture credit – Ashton Kutcher


(I didn’t know that was Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing with her but I do big time love that song.)

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