Perfect Vacations Past and Present

It’s been  a year and a half since I had a proper vacation.

I mean, we’ve traveled for the weekend and taken day trips to the aquarium and checked out some fun festivals, but as far as an honest-to-God, sit my butt on a chair with my feet in the sand and a book in my hand kind of vacay, it’s been awhile.


reading a book on a beach in Mexico

Reading a book on a beach in Cancun, Mexico on my honeymoon, circa 2007.

I’ve long had dreams of what a perfect vacation consists of, but after you have a baby, that all changes.

Today I’m linking up with Stasha today for Monday Listicles. The first five items will be my past perfect vacation, the second five are my present perfect vacation.

  1. Warm water, cold drink and a good book under the shade of a palm tree.
  2. Dinner out at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the ocean.
  3. Sleeping in and staying up late.
  4. Night’s out on the town, listening to some great live music with a cold beer in my hand.
  5.  Sun and sand. Lots of sun.waves on the shore in Cancun Mexico at sunset
  6.  A dinner where I don’t have to share my meal with another person.
  7. Getting through an entire US Weekly without any interruptions.
  8. Someone else cooking dinner and most importantly, cleaning up.
  9. Socks magically folding themselves while I watch another three hours of Say Yes to the Dress.
  10.  A nap.
I’m a simple woman with simple needs.
What’s your ideal vacation?

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