Birthday Boy

Looking for the birthday boy?

It’s not the little guy crawling on the floor, although he’ll have a birthday soon enough.

No, look for the big guy with the same ears and chin as that little guy, crawling on the floor right next to him.

Yup, my two main men both have November birthdays (dear bank account, I’m so, so sorry, love, me).

Hubby turned 32 last Sunday. What do you get the man who has everything and if he doesnt’ have it, he’ll probably just go buy it on his own without waiting until his birthday? I was able to pull a couple ideas out of him and surprised him sufficiently, although one of the gifts I ordered didn’t get there in time.

Now, normally we buy a cake from Walmart for any birthday or special occasion, including but not limited to: it’s Sunday, the Academy Awards are on or UK won a basketball game. Really, any excuse to taste that delicious But-R-Cream icing (r) — just one bite and your heart will skip a beat; not just because it tastes good, but because it has enough sugar to kill a small animal. You’ve been warned. (Don’t you dare judge me.)

The plan is to get a whole mess of But-R-Cream cupcakes from Sam’s Club for Baby Blogworthy’s birthday, so we didn’t want to get too tired of But-R-Cream (r) before his big day. Although I’m reasonably certain that could never happen, I don’t want to tempt fate.

I pondered over what kind of sweet treat I should make for my sweet husband when I recalled a pin I pinned to my sweet treat board weeks ago: Coca Cola Cake. It’s one of his favorites when we go to Cracker Barrel — ooey, gooey and super sweet.

coca cola bottle 2-liter close up

Here is a secret: I didn’t use the cake mix from the original coca cola cake recipe I pinned. I am a semi-homemade kind of girl and if I can cut corners and it still taste just as good, I will. I used a Duncan Hines Butter Fudge cake mix and replaced the water in the recipe with Coke. That’s it.

kitchen aid stand mixer chocolate cake mix

Mixed it with my Kitchen Aid, then baked the coca cola cake at 350 degrees it in a greased 9×13 pan for 35 minutes. The recipe on the box called for less time, but the toothpick didn’t come out clean, so I put it in for 5 minutes longer until it did.

While the coca cola cake was cooling, the babe supervised the icing portion of our cake cooking.

I followed the recipe on this part.

1/2cup butter
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup Coca-Cola

Let the butter melt, mixing in the cocoa powder and Coca-Cola. Remove from the heat once it’s mixed and slowly stir in four cups of powdered sugar. Four. Cups. Of. Sugar.

After the icing was mixed, I immediately poured the whole batch over the cake.

coca cola cake chocolateGAH.

(Ok, another confession: I could totally eat this icing with a spoon. Forget the cake.)

The icing had to set up a bit, so while that was going on, I mixed up a quick batch of buttercream icing, adding blue coloring because it’s my hub’s favorite color. I put the icing in a gallon sized plastic bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner for an icing bag. I piped the icing onto the Coca Cola Cake to personalize it.

coca cola cake finished with happy birthday written in blue icing

I also added his name, some balloons and his age, but I didnt’ get a picture of that. I also decorated the inside of my mouth with the icing.

I did all this Saturday morning before I had breakfast, so by the time it was all finished, I was on a sugar high like you would not BELIEVE. WORTH IT.

The coca cola cake turned out to be absolutely perfect. Hubby said it tasted just like Cracker Barrel’s. Another Pinterest success!

What was your latest Pinterest creation?

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